Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm A Thief!

I've stolen all of your hearts now haven't I?  Ba Dump Bump!

No seriously, a little over a week ago I found $25 and a Chapstick in the stairwell at work.  I did what I always do and had it in an envelope at the front desk ready for the owner to claim it. Nobody ever did though so on Monday I went out and got myself a manicure on who knows?  I now feel like a thief and am terrified of the karma that is going to come back and get me.

I may or may not have tweaked the above to make myself seem less horrible.  What really happened is that my old receptionist found the money.  It did go up to the front desk for a week and it's true that nobody claimed it.  It's also true that I spent it.  I probably wouldn't be feeling as bad as I do if I was the one that found it, but I didn't.  I'm a monster.  What would you guys have done???

On that note, I can't lie.  Like seriously, even about the littlest thing.  For example, if I go grocery shopping and sneak a few personal items in (magazines, nail polish etc.) I always end up confessing to D.  These are items I should be buying with my allowance, but instead have bought with house money.  I once hit a trash can with our new BMW and wanted like hell to lie about that too, couldn't do it.    

For the last three days I've gone without takeout for lunch or dinner.  I'm pretty sure that's a record for the year and it feels great!

My little brother called me on my way into work today.  I always love hearing from him and look forward to our weekly calls, but he suprised me by letting me know he would be down to have lunch with me today.  I squeeled like a little girl after we hung up because I was so excited.

I came home from work yesterday to find that our housekeeper had washed Poochie's blanket. Naturally I lost my shit and started sobbing uncontrollably.  Yesterday was one full week without my girl.

I'm thinking about getting a kitten already and I feel terrible about it. 

That's it for today, now go on and confess your deepest darkest secerets with me.  If you're up to it link up with the fabulous Kathy!

Vodka and Soda


  1. I really think a new pet helps us heal. No one can ever replace Poochie, but you still have love to share and there are still kittens that need love. Win win.

    1. I agree 100%. Get yourself a new kitty!
      The title of this post is why I love you, you're so awesomely honest!

  2. If someone didn't claim it within a week, they weren't going to. I think you are safe!

  3. HAAHA Niiiiccee!! Unclaimed $$ is aaalways the best $$!! LOL!! Love that you got a mani with it too lol!! I'm sorry about Poochie too!! :(


  4. You did better than me I would have spent it the same day!

  5. A the my money and house money thing!!! I love knowing that other couples do this. We have our own money and joint accounts and sometimes I wonder if it's weird for those times I do two separate transactions with two diff cards for my "personal" items. Don't feel bad about wanting another kitty. You already know poochie is irreplaceable but it might help you fill the void. Don't feel too bad about the $25 bucks either!!! Consider it a consolation prize for losing the receptionist you just hired.

  6. i agree with kate - if it sits there for a week or more, it's free for anyone to claim.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I would've lost my shit over the blanket, too.

  8. Yes you so have stolen my heart Miss Shannon!

    Hey if someone ain't missing $25 after a week then it's anyone's haha, #freemani yes please!

    I totally buy some personal items in the shopping though the groceries are my dept sooo and I do buy Glenn's crap too so that's pretty fair right?

    Aww Poochie's blanket :(((((( That's awful hunni. And hey I know you can't help but feel bad about thinking of another kitty but please don't. You aren't trying to replace Poochie you're just an animal lover with a huge heart and could give another kitty a home that's gotta be a good thing. And I do think it would help with the grieving process too. I'm with Steph and Miriam on this!

    I'm sure D didn't mind about the new car toooo much?

    Thank you for keepin' it rreal :)

    Hugs XOXO

  9. i wouldn't feel too guilty. i'd be sad to lose $25 but it wasn't a huge amount so i'm sure whoever lost it didn't lose sleep over it. and sorry about poochie :( i can't imagine the sadness of losing a sweet pet.

  10. You waited a week, it's basically the same thing as finding $20 on the a free gift from Karma. Maybe the person who lost it once stole $25. If you desire another kitten, that is ok, nothing to feel bad about! Poochie would want you to be happy. Upkeep for women is so much more expensive than for men, so totally is also why men should pay for dinners on dates :)