Monday, September 28, 2015

Some Things Are Just Meant To Be

October 8, 2014
A Letter to My Internet Friend Mariah,

I’m writing this letter the morning after our first dinner together at Juniper & Ivy.  I say our first because I know we’ll go back in spite of a few lack luster dishes. 

That’s just how life is you know?  A mix of incredibly wonderful and lack luster.

As you know I’m working hard at focusing on the good so I left the night thinking about the amazing company and the perfection that was the carne toast. 

Your friendship is like that toast. 

You are like that toast!

A perfect balance.

Mariah, you are cute and quirky and a bit of a spaz.

You’re incredibly smart and talented but a bit unsure of yourself too.

You have a kind and a loving heart.

You swear and flip out on people in the sweetest southern voice.

You have brought me so much happiness M.

When you offered to drive me the 2+ hours to my brothers for the birth of my niece and I lost my shit, you got it. 

You got it because like me, you don’t like to ask for help. 

We'll keep the reasons why just between us. 

On that drive to my brothers while in the midst of thanking you for the thousandth time I told you that you were "not that nice of a person".  You laughed because you knew exactly what I meant.  

It's comforting to be able to say something without over thinking it because you know the person on the receiving end knows that you have a good heart and that the words "you're not that nice of a person" don't mean that you're not a nice person.

You're the nicest person!     

You’re the first real friend I’ve met in 10 years.

You’ve seen my house messy, my fridge empty.

You dug around in my foot for chards of glass because I was afraid to.

You’ve shared so much of yourself with me. 

We’ve laughed together. 

We’ve cried together.

We hug and hold hands.

I’m not even mortified that you don’t carry a purse.

I'm used to waiting to eat until you get snaps of our food or drinks.

Our guys get along.

I can count on one hand the number of people who know me and accept me the way that you do.  

That’s a special gift M.

Do you remember your first email?

Our first call?

Both seem so long ago.

You were in North Carolina.  I was in California.

When something is meant to be there’s just no stopping it.

That’s how I feel about our friendship M.  You are meant to be in my life and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

All my love,

Thursday, September 3, 2015



Finally finding the perfect chambery shirt to replace the one you tore more than a year ago and being super pumped to get it home and washed so that I can start wearing the hell out of it only to find that the sensor is still attached.

That one car that just has to cut in front of you while you're merging onto the highway.

Picking up sushi for lunch and the cashier asking you if you want your change, $0.35.  Yes I want my fricken change!

Sorting through Halloween decorations to figure out what new items you might need for the year and having a dozen people ask you if you're decorating ALREADY.

Being excited to come home to a frame you ordered for your Taylor Swift poster only to discover that it's a total piece of shit.

Falling asleep while meditating and waking up in the morning with a stiff neck because you slept sitting up.

Ugh, all in a days work!  I feel better already though so thank you for letting me vent.  And the pictures, we'll they're from our trip to the Caribbean this Spring.  Something that was definitely NOT annoying.

What's got you peeved today?