Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ladies, Forgive Me

Ladies, forgive me.  It's been 8 days since my last confession.  Seriously, I just had to do this again.  I can't tell you how good getting seemingly little things off my chest made me feel.  Since I wrote about my indiscretion with a cigarette or two (here), I haven't thought about smoking even once.  It's like magic.  So here goes, round 2, and I promise I won't make a habit of this.

I shave my legs once a week, maybe.

I drive a brand new Lexus, but my 5 year old sheets have a hole in them.

Aunt flow is late.  Like weeks late, so after stressing for days and wondering if  I was pregnant, I finally cracked and took a pregnancy test.  It came back negative, thank god!  I'm mean I'm too old for this shit.  My little scare has however without a doubt confirmed my desire to NEVER have children.  We'll be beefing up to security big time.

I don't have a bank of blog posts so this ship could go down at anytime. 

I don't love my Clairsonic.

I've owned my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for 6 years now and have used it once to make instant pudding.  For years I kept in on my kitchen counter because I thought it was a status symbol (ridiculous right?).  Now I keep it stored away in a cupboard somewhere waiting for the day I magically become Susie homemaker, so basically when hell freezes over.  I could give it to someone I know would enjoy it, but I keep it because that's the kind of greedy person I am.  Please tell me I'm not alone here???

I saw this really cool OC Bloggers Brunch posted on The Nectar Collective earlier this week. My first thought was to register and go meet some new friends!  So why haven't I...fear.  Fear that I go and nobody talks to me because "they" all already know each other and they don't have room for me in their already full lives.  Or that "they" do talk to me and quickly realize that they don't like me.   

Don't judge and by all means feel free to unload, it really does feel so good.  Hugs friends. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stress Less, Tips For Reducing Stress

We all stress.  Some of us definitely stress more than others (me) and our reasons for being stressed may vary (work, family, money, health issues etc.), but the end result looks and feels the same:  Mind racing, pounding heart, elevated blood pressure, a sense of panic.  You get where I'm going with this.

Three out of five days I bet if you walked by my desk, I'd look a little something like this.  Now in my defense, I do have a stressful job.  With a high profile project coming to completion, the last few months have been particularly stressful, but like I said above, we all have reasons we could be stressed out.  The key word here is could.  Like anything else, letting stress effect you is a choice. 

For years, maybe even a decade now, I've made the choice to be stressed out (I think most of us have, for different reasons of course).  For me, so much of my self worth was based on the job that I had, that I've conditioned my mind to work overtime.  I wanted so desperately to be successful in my career, that I made an overachiever look lazy.  I pushed and I climbed and I did whatever it took to prove myself worthy in the workplace.  I've been the ideal employee, a bosses dream.  Bravo for me right?  Wrong!  The "conditioning" I put myself though may have gotten me raises and promotions in the short term, and if I'm being honest, it definitely helped me get out of a really bad situation, but in the end, where it matters most, it's left me a stressed out mess. 

One of the many reasons I'm now in weekly therapy sessions, yep weekly, you read that right, is because at 34 I need to retrain my brain.  In layman's terms, I'm learning to slow my brain down.  I'm teaching myself how to live a stressful life without being stressed out.  I've made a conscious decision that 2014 is going to be the year I learn to lose the weight of the world, and for me a big part of that means losing a mind that runs overtime trying to achieve.  In just a few short weeks, I've seen an incredible shift in my attitude and in my stress level.  In no way has the stress I'm under gone away, I'm just learning to reduce the impact it has on my mind and body.  I'm not an expert but I've picked up some super, simple tips over the last month that I'd like to share.  Full disclosure, the exercises themselves are incredibly easy, it's implementing them into your daily life that takes work.

Tip #1 Self Regulation
Ever heard of it?  Me neither until a few weeks ago.  Man, what a positive impact this exercise has had on me though.  To get started you'll need to pinpoint your first signs of stress.  It didn't take me long to realize that in stressful situations my breathing instantly gets shallow and then the speed of my movements increases.  Once I knew what to look for, I put myself on alert.  The moment I'd notice my breathing get shallow, I'd take three deep breaths.  As soon as I noticed my typing speed increase, I'd stop typing.  If I'd start to walk fast, I'd immediately slow my pace.  By consciously looking for and then correcting these behaviors, I'm regulating my level of stress and ultimately stopping what could be a slippery slope.

Tip #2 Unplug
This is huge.  I think a big part of the reason so many of us are as stressed out as we are is because were over stimulated.  I know I am.  I'm not gonna go off and get all crazy about how bad technology is because I love my ipad as much as the next person, but what I will say is that when you're feeling stressed, the added stimulation isn't helpful.  If I'm feeling stressed out and my cell phone rings or a text comes in, I don't answer it.  In the past few weeks I've changed a lot of little behaviors centering around technology that have really seemed to help,  I've stopped listening to music in the car on my way to and from work.  I've also stopped watching tv or surfing the internet at least 30 minutes before I go to bed.  I don't need the extra chatter.  I've stopped using my lunch break to blog as well.  I mean how can I expect my brain to slow down when I'm constantly stimulating it???  

Tip #3 Go Outside
It's amazing what some fresh air and a 10 minute walk can do for you.  I use to say I was too busy to step away from my desk and if I did go outside, I'd use that time to make calls or return personal e-mails.  I guess something is better than nothing, but what I mean here when I say go outside, is really go be outside.  Let the sunshine warm your face or the breeze blow your hair.  Nature has a great impact on our moods. 

Tip #4 Just Breathe

I mean the simplest of all concepts.  We have to breathe to survive right?  I know I mentioned my shallow breathing above but what I didn't mention is that there are days, no joke, where I don't think I've taken a deep breath until I get into bed at 10 o'clock at night.  Lately in my therapy sessions we've been spending a good half hour just breathing/meditating (pretty much one in the same).  I'm probably the only person on the planet paying their shrink to meditate with them, but hey, it's helpful.  The practice has helped so much that I now find myself doing it while I'm doing other things (like having full on conversations).  It's amazing!    

Tip #5 Visualize

If you guys follow me on Instagram (which you should) you've already seen my new little friend.  She is a reminder to be still and to be at peace.  I've had her on my nightstand for the last week and every time I look at her I visualize myself as calm and at peace as she appears to be.  There's a reason they sell this shit you guys.  I mean we all love our mantras, maybe you have your favorite saying or a reminder to yourself on your desktop or pinned up on your bathroom mirror.  Visual reminders help to keep us moving down the right path, they work.   There may be a third tattoo on the horizon...

Well that's it for my tips and tricks for now.  Like I said, these are super simple concepts.  The hard part is making them habit.  The good news though is that it really only takes a few weeks before these practices stop feeling forced and start feeling a bit more natural.  Again, I'm not an expert and I still have a long road ahead of me but for now these things really seem to be helping me manage my stress.  I hope they help you too and I'd love to hear what you guys do to keep yourself calm and at peace in this stressful world.   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Totally Worth It

Hi guys.  Kinda unrelated, but now that I'm back to blogging for "fun" and not to make money, I've stopped using affiliate links.  Maybe I'm just a lazy blogger?  Anyways, onto today's post.  I'm about to share my coveted items, the things I own and feel are totally worth every penny, things I cherish and adore.  I know we're all different so the items on my list probably won't be on yours, and vice versa.  I mean I buy drugstore mascara.  I'm sure somewhere, someone is cringing at the thought.  You should also know that every pair of pajamas I own were purchased at Target, not Victoria Secret (cringe again).  Not EVERYTHING is worth spending crazy money on.  There are those items though that for whatever reason are completely worth their price.

First up.  Drum roll please...

Source, and seriously Adriana is so fricken stylish, go check her out!
Back in August I did a What's In My Bag post with my Medium Cobalt 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli (here).  I've switched bags a few times since then, but never for more than a day or two.  I keep coming back to my cobalt beauty.  She's practical, indestructible and let's not forget gorgeous.  What's not to love right.  I may ditch my drive for a new Prada all together and purchase a second Pashli in olive.  I love her that much!!!  

I know, I know, $125 is a lot of money to spend on flip flops.  Unless of course you live in southern California where wearing flip flops 3/4 of the year is totally acceptable.  Tory Burch Thora flip flops will last you a good 2-3 years and suddenly the price tag seems totally reasonable.  At least it does to me. 

You read about me ripping the ass out of every pair of my jeans prior to finding Citizen of Humanity denim right.  Yeah, I'd say these are worth the money. 

Don't judge me for my over indulgent tastes.  This was a gift from a crazy generous family member :).  This sweater is literally the most luxurious thing I've ever wrapped my body up in (it better be right).  I've worn it at least 4-5 times since Christmas and I'm STALKING Nordstrom like a crazy person waiting for it to go on sale so I can pounce and buy the Charcoal.  I love you Eileen Fischer.  I love you generous family member. 

Yes please.  The little pots go with everything so you never have to worry about whether or not they'll match your home decor.  And they smell amazing!

Michael Kors watches are the best.  They're pricy but they're not crazy.  I've had my basic silver version for 5 years now and I haven't even had to change the battery.  If you haven't caught on by now, I'm lazy, and I'm really hard on my things.  Not a scratch, not an issue, my watch has stood the test of time. 

Cross my heart, hope to die (eeekkkkkk) there are no better leggings on the market than Zella leggings.  Again, these bad boys have stood the test of time.  I first discovered Zella 4 years ago and let me tell you it was love at first sight.  The fit...  Incredible.  They are durable, they don't fade, they do collect a lot of cat fur, but I imagine any pair of black pants would :).  I live in these at night after work.  They are amazing.

Ok, I'm done.  Your turn, spill the beans.  Is it pots and pans, a handbag, lipstick.  I want to know what you think is worth spending money on???

Monday, January 20, 2014

It Feels So Good

I've had a load of laundry in the dryer for 5 days now and instead of folding it and putting it away, I continue to walk outside (because my laundry room isn't attached to our house) and pull what I need from the dryer one piece at a time.  Does it get any lazier than that?

Until I found Citizen Of Humanity jeans I literally riped the ass out of every pair of jeans I owned.  Small waist, big bootie.

My January Spending Freeze isn't going so well.  More on that Feb 4th.

I can't stand the word vintage.  It's overused.  Something two years old is not vintage people.

Sometimes I have terrible thoughts that D will die at work and that I'll end up a young widow.  I've let the thoughts go so far over the years that I've developed a plan for what I'll do if that ever happens.

If D's has to work late and I'm home alone for dinner, I let the cats sit on the kitchen table and keep me company.

I was cigarette free for 6 and a half years but have smoked 3 times in the last six months.  Last week I pulled into a convenient store paarking lot to buy a pack.  I didn't get out of the car and ended up heading home.  I hate that I smoked and that I want to again.

I miss reading books, like actual books, not books on the ipad.

I have 1-2 alcoholic beverages 4-5 times a week.

Sometimes I wish D and I could agree to sale everything we own (the house, the cars, all of our worldly possessions) and go live in a trailer or tiny cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  Just the two of us living a very simple life.

I get chin hair.

Confess with me.  It feels so good!  Don't want us to know who you are, no biggie.  Just leave a comment below annomyously.  Happy Monday friends.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Liebster Award

You know when you're going along having a so so week and then something totally amazing happens.  You get a pep in your melencholy step.  It's a breath of fresh air.  Well, that's how I felt when I saw that Luaren of My Passion Journey had nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Pretty fricken pumped over here.  To tell you the truth, I've seen these awards floating around and I've been a bit envious of the ladies receiving them.  It's such an awesome concept and I am beyond thrilled to be a part of it.  Even better, I get to pass the awesomeness on to 11 other well deserving bloggers (all of whom have under 200 readers, just like me).  Lauren, thank you so much for making my week!

So, the way this works is that the nominee (me) shares 11 random facts about themselves, answers 11 questions given to them by the person who nominated them (in my case, Lauren), and then nominates 11 other bloggers to do the same. So here goes.

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I'm legally blind.  I was born with cataracts and developed glaucoma in my teens.  I have very little vision in my left eye (like I can't see the big E on the eye chart)  Thanks god for my right eye :)
2. I'm 34 and in a well established career but I still don't know what I want to do with my life.
3. I don't eat meat on the bone.
4. It took me 8 years to get a 4 year degree.
5. My middle name is Denise.
6. I can polish off a bag of Lays Limon chips in one fail swoop.
7. I talk to my cats like their human.  In face, I just realized that I've yet to introduce you guys to my catss.  Meet my girls, Poochie and Beeps.  We've had them since they were 8 weeks old.  Poochie is 8 and Beeps is 9.  They mean everything to me.

8. I'm currently addicted to english muffins and wearing my hair in a high pony (like Pebbles from the Flintstones).
9.  At any given time during the day you will probably catch me singing a song from Taylor Swifts Red album.  I saw her in concert last summer and am obsessed.
10. My favorite cocktail is a dirty martini.
11. My favorite worldly possessions are my Phillip Lim Pashli (cobalt), these babies, my wedding ring and a Christmas tree skirt made by hand for me by my grandma.

11 Questions From Lauren:

1. What song from your high school days can you still recite every word to?  Ha, I'm totally gonna  date myself here, but it's gotta be Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette (from her Jagged Little Pill album).    
2. Who is your favorite comedian or your favorite comedic movie/tv show?  I want to answer them all.  Favorite comedian, Joe Rogan (from Fear Factor),  Favorite comedic movie, Old School,  Favorite comedic tv show, Fashion Police.  I know FP isn't technically a comedic show but Joan Rivers is hillarious and has these one liners that have me laughing out loud.  I love you Joan!
3. What is your favorite blog post you have ever written? Give us a link!  Oh man, tough one.  I think I've got to go with this one.  It was the first post I wrote where I really felt like my voice was shining through.  I was kind of desperate when I wrote it.  I didn't hold back and I just let what was in my head and heart fall out.  The series has connected me with some amazing people.  I have a feeling it will be a favorite forever.
4. What is a favorite post you have read this week? Give us a link to that one too!  Easy, this one.  I just discovered Allie over at Between Dreams this week.  I knew right away she was going to be a regular read for me.  I have a feeling she's been where I am right now and that she's going to be able to teach me some pretty amazing things.  I've re-read this post 4-5 times in the last 3 days and every time I read it I get excited.  The capable image is my screen saver now too.  So glad I found you Allie.
5. What movie would you nominate for an Oscar this year?  Sorry guys, I haven't seen a new release since...crickets.  God, maybe the last Twilight movie??? 
6. What does winter look like in your neck of the woods?  Don't be mad.  I took this picture on Saturday and it is 85 degrees today.

7. What is your favorite Disney movie?  Beauty and the Beast.  I can recite almost every word.
8. What was your least favorite subject in school?  Math, true story.  I failed college Algebra twice, and was about to get kicked out of school so I had to take it for the third time in summer school.  I don't get it.
9. What do you love about your current stage of life?  I love that I'm finally starting to really discover who I am.  You spend so much of your twenties trying to get the basics in order (a career, a relationship etc) that you don't have much time for soul searching.  At least I didn't.  My thirties have been about me getting to know me.  It's hard work believe it or not, but it feels amazing.
10. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?  Breakfast
11. What does your name mean? If you don’t know you can look it up hereShannon is Irish and means old and wise. 

My Nominees (ladies, no hard feelings if you don't want to participate, I'll still love you):
A from I Will Come Home
Mollie from Molliepop
Missy from Take All Chances
Rachael from Tossing The Script
Mariah from Food, Booze and Baggage
Sarah from Not Like The Movies
Amanda from Voyage of the MeeMee
The Peanut Program
Nikki from Rural Rookie
Kris from Loveyouduh
A from History In High Heels

Is it cheating if I use Lauren's questions?  I hope not because I loved every last one of them and had so much fun answering them for you all.  Nominees, please follow suit and answer the 11 questions above from Lauren.  And please be sure you stop by her blog, My Passion Journey, to say hello.  Hugs friends.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is There Anybody Out There, Part 5 (Less Technical, More Personal)

Guys, I've been at this for over 5 months now!  Can you believe it?  Five months feels so official to me.  I mean, it's no longer just a possibility that I might stick with this blogging thing.  It's more like, yeah, I'm a blogger!  I love that. With every passing month this place grows more and more important to me.

This last month kinda snuck up on me.  The calm before the storm maybe.  Things were certainly far less dramatic than they were in month 4.  There were fewer technical problems (thank god).  I hosted my first giveaway, but other than that, there were no firsts to speak of.  Basically the highs weren't as high, but the lows weren't as low either.  Looking back now, I'm not actually sure how I weathered month 4 as well as I did.   And of course I still can't believe I got to meet Kendra Scott (read all about it here).  That was MAJOR for me so pretty much anything immediately following would have paled in comparison.  Not cool I know.  When I was a kid my mom would tell me "everyday can't be Disneyland Shannon."  That's just one of many lessons that didn't stick.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that my first 4 months of blogging were so full of technical issues and firsts that until recently I hadn't really had a chance to take a step back and take it all in.  Things have happened so fast, I've been bouncing around from one thing to the next, putting out fires, and trying to figure this all out.  If you want to take away something tangible from that I would say start your blog in August or September like I did.  Things really die down in blogland over the Christmas and the New Years holiday so you'll get a chance to regroup, which believe me, you will desperately need after 4 months of grinding it out.

So what did I do with all my down time you ask.  I spent it pondering, reevaluating and thinking a great deal about my hopes and dreams for Brass Honey.  Who am I here?  Is my voice echoing that of my voice in real life.  Am I being my real true self.  What do I want from you guys? What do I want from me?  As you can see right now thing are a lot less technical and a lot more personal.

My conclusion.  Warning, it's kinda deep so if you're not in the mood and you're looking for something lighthearted, head on out for the day (warning over).  There are some very real parts of myself here. The thing is, I'm kinda a mess right now.  I'm still working out who I am as a person and in a lot of ways that will continue all the years of my life.  Right now particularly though, I'm working through some old shitty shit that I'm trying like hell to leave in the past.  Now that I've had some time to think about it, I think starting Brass Honey when I did was my subconsciousness way of capturing the growth I know I'm experiencing at this juncture in my life.  Like when it's all said and done I'll be able to look back at my mental and emotional state and I'll clearly be able to see how far I've come.  I'm documenting what I know millions of people are struggling with.  I know I haven't disclosed what exactly that is here, and it's not really important, except that when the positive, lighthearted person I know I'm meant to be surfaces, I'll be able to retrace the inner workings of a pretty messed up mind and hopefully breakdown the steps I took to get to a healthier place.

At that time I'd love to be able to help share how to lose the weight of the world and leave the past in the past with anyone who needs it.  That's my hope at least for me and for this place.  In the meantime, there are some Debbie downer thoughts here.  Not everything is rainbows and kittens.  I'm changing, this space will change with me.  It's important for me to share this with you guys because lately there's been some "hate" here.  I don't want to make it a big thing but I also don't want anyone here judging me and/or leaving this space without knowing what's in my heart and in my mind.

I just want to make it perfectly clear that above anything, I want this place to be a safe place for me and for you to be imperfect.  We as humans are flawed, some of us more than others.  In spite of that, I want us to grow together here.  I want us to help make each other better versions of our already great selves.  I don't want to walk alone.  I want your support.  I want us to be friends.  It's happening slowly and it's amazing to me the impact that a "strangers" can have on our lives.  I can't say for certain, but I feel like I'm meeting people who have walked down this path I'm walking down now or who are here walking alongside me.  It's no coincidence that we've found each other.  I'm learning from you and I'm hoping that you're learning something from me too.

What started out as a hobby, a place to post outfit posts and write weekend recaps has turned into so much more for me.  I'm thankful for this space.  I'm thankful for all of you reading this.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

She Bangs

Hi guys.  So I'm pretty sure the next time you see my smiling face I'll be sporting bangs.  Alexa Chung bangs to be exact!  I've been wanting to cut bangs for a really long time now but have had trouble getting images of this terrible haircut I had about 10 years ago out of my head.  It was all wrong.  The bangs were too short, my hair was too short, it was too thick.  I  looked like I was 12 BOY.  Not really the look I was going for in my mid twenties.  I'm literally cringing now just thinking about it.  Anyways, time has passed, wounds are healed and I have a hair stylist I love and trust.  I'm also hoping that because I'm older now bangs won't make me look like a preteen.  Why exactly is changing up your hair such a big deal.  I mean it grows back right?


Monday, January 13, 2014

How Being A Blogger Is Like Being In A Sorority

Let me start by saying I was in a sorority in college.  Phi Sigma Sigma for life!  I loved every minute of it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Since starting Brass Honey I've realized that in a lot of ways being a part of the blogging community is kinda like being back in a sorority.

Here's how...

We're here to make friends!

We get stuff for free.  In college it was free drinks.  We're older and wiser now though so we've upped the aunty and now it's clothes, jewelry and handbags. 

We seek community.

We go to mixers to meet new people, aka linkups.

We drink, a lot.  

We're dramatic.  Everything is a shit storm and I mean everything.

We seek attention.  Why else would we be doing this.

We have a 140 friends, some of which we pay for (hello sponsorships).

We have cliques. Don't act like you don't see the same 10 people together doing a million giveaways every month.

We dress to impress and we dress alike. I've gone to a few events and people have actually said "you're a blogger aren't you? I can tell by the way your dressed." Exactly how many bloggers did you see wearing Rockstuds or carrying the Beau Bag in 2013, countless right?

It's been a long time since college and I can't tell you how nice it is to have a sense of community again.  GO BLOGGERS!  I think we need letters don't you?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Feature

Hi friends!  This week Brass Honey was featured on San Diego Style Bloggers.  I was so excited when they reached out and asked to feature my little ole blog.  When I started Brass Honey I had definitely hoped it would lead to me building new friendships.  There's pretty much no better way then being featured on a blog for local bloggers.  Hopefully this feature will be the start of some beautiful relationships.  Anyways, read on for a little more information about what else, me.  Have  any of my fellow bloggers built friendships with local bloggers?  I'd love to hear your stories.  Happy Saturday!

Shannon from Brass Honey

How long have you been blogging and what motivated you to start your blog?
I started Brass Honey almost five months ago, first and foremost to meet new people.  It gets harder and harder to develop new friendships when you're older, and I thought blogging would be a great way to connect with people who have similar interests.  Additionally, as a 34 year old professional, married and living child free (by choice), I felt really under represented.  I know I'm not alone, but the majority of bloggers seem to be twenty something and/or parents. 
What inspires you?
Entrepreneurs, people who are self made, people who work their butts off and aren't afraid to hit a few dead ends and then turn around and go in a new direction.  I love hearing other people's success stories, they fuel my fire. 
What do you like to do on your spare time?
Blog.  A big part of the reason I started Brass Honey was because I needed a hobby.  I had a lot of free time (remember no children) and I needed something to focus my energy on.  When I'm not blogging, I enjoy shopping, going out for drinks or dinner and taking long walks at Torrey Pines State Reserve.

What's your favorite quote or life motto?
The happiest people in life don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.
How long have you lived in San Diego?  Tell us what you love about SD.
I've come in gone, which is a true testament to how great this city is.  "If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you then it was meant to be" or something like that right.  I met my husband in October of 2003 while visiting San Diego for the weekend with a friend.  Six months later I made the move and we lived in a tiny little condo on Friars Road until March 2007 when we moved to NY.  We spent a few years there and then headed to Miami before finally returning to San Diego in late 2010.  I've lived in a lot of different locals over the course of my life and nothing beats San Diego.  The sunshine, the beaches, the laid back demeanor.  There's no place like it.
What advice would you give to others who would like to begin blogging?
Ha!  I've actually got an entire series chalk full of advice and personal experiences meant especially for new bloggers, "Is There Anybody Out There."  If I had to narrow it down to just one tid bit, I guess I'd say, just start blogging.  Don't over think it.  You don't have to be perfect because you'll learn as you go.  Don't sit back and wait for X, Y or Z to fall into place.  If you're doubtful, go back and look at some of my first posts.  They're terrible, but it's all a part of the process. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nordstrom New Year's Revelation Picks

It's the most wonderful time of the month!  I got January's Nordstrom catalog in the mail on Monday and couldn't wait to go to town.  I mean how cute is there play on words, New Year's Revelation.  I fricken love it!  I know the Pantone color of the year is is Radiant Orchid (aka purple) but my eye is clearly drawn to all things blue.  

 This Halogen knit dress is a staple and total workhorse.  Better yet, it's only $99.  I have a very similar dress (worn here) in black that I have on regular rotation.  It's polished and professional enough to wear to work, yet it easily transition for dinner and drinks.
 Have you guys heard of the brand Hinge?  If you haven't, let me tell you they make the best jackets!  I'm still pining over a Hinge jacket I missed out on 3 Nordstrom Anniversary Sales ago (insert sad face here).  I've had my eye on a field jacket for awhile now and I think this one just might be it.  After the January Spending Freeze is over of course.  Yep, at $88 dollars I'm pretty sure it's a steal!

Loving these Kate Spade watches.  The only problem here is deciding which color I like best.  What do you think?  Do you like the white or the green?

 Pipe dream.  Christmas is over and Santa aint coming back for a long time.  I love every piece, but especially the necklace.  Amazing!

 God, you've got to go check out the catalog images of these booties.  The second I saw them worn (granted by a gorgeous model) I wined...BECAUSE I WANT THEM.  Look at me being such a bargain shopper this month.  These are just a smidge under $100 too.

And then she goes in for the kill.  I was so pissed when I saw these.  I was in Nordstrom buying leather protector for these beauties when I spotted the red leather.  I hate you Tory Burch.

Losing Sight Of You

The longer we go, the easier it is to let go.
I use to miss you.
Now I rarely think of you.
Learning to let go of the past, has led me to let go of you.
There are no new memories.
There is no me and you.
We use to be so close.
So much time has passed.
I don't know you.
I don't think I want to.

That's it for today.  XO friends.

Monday, January 6, 2014

House Envy, My Old House

Pretty silly being envious of yourself right?  And you may have guessed by now, but I'm not a terribly nostalgic person.  Longing for the past definitely feels odd.  I mean what's the point?  Anyways, I can't explain it, but four years and 3 houses later and I've yet to get over D and I's first home together.  Especially silly because it really wasn't our first home.  That's just how the story goes in my mind and in my heart.
Prior to buying this beauty we lived in D's condo (technically it was my condo too since we were married).  We renovated the condo, we made it our own, we sold it, and we moved on.  We're doing the same now in our current home.  I like(d) both well enough, but they just don't hold that special place in my heart like our Buffalo home does.  I'm hoping someday our current home will will take the reigns, but for now I miss our old house almost daily.

Take a tour down memory lane with me will you.  We put blood sweat and tears (not to mention every last penny) into making this home ours.  Here are a few before and after pictures.
Dinning Room Before
Dinning Room After
Den Before
Den During.  My love worked on this room after work for a solid 6 months.
Den After
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
Kitchen Nook Before
Kitchen Nook After
I could go on all night but I'll leave you with these for now.  What do you miss, a memory, a place, a home like me.  I'd love to hear about it.