Monday, September 16, 2013

Girl Crush, Khloe Kardashian

From day 1 of KUWTK I've had the biggest girl crush on Khloe.
She makes me love things I hate, like white shoes. 
She has the most amazing face and the kindest eyes.
She's a total contradiction, which I happen to love.  Hello construction boots and Chanel bag.
She's got crazy big hair that I'd totally die for.
 I'm pretty sure she started the ombre trend.
She pulls off red lipstick better than anyone, accept maybe Marilyn.
And she's got an amazing shoe collection I'd love to borrow from.
Khloe is totally fantastic, period.  I adore her for a million little reasons, but more than anything I think she has a heart of gold.  She's fun and funny and she has the best personality.  She's been knocked down and she gets right back up again.  Right after Bethenny Frankel, Khloe is the one person I'd most love to spend a day with.  I may not want to be Khloe, but she's definitely the kind of girl I want to be around.

Do you have a girl crush?  If so, who is it?


  1. I like her too! She is so funny and really rocks those curves. I have big hips and thighs too so she gives us curvy girls someone to look up to. Hehe. I also don't think she tries to hard to be someone she isn't like KK and Kort do. She's spunky and go with the flow which is cool!


  2. I love Khloe!!! She's my favorite. Everyone else always has all these crazy relationship problems but she's always supporting her guy. Plus, like you said, she is FUN. :)

  3. Khloe is my favorite Kardashian. Scratch that, she's the only one I like and I have a series of girl crushes over on my blog: Aisha Tyler, Sandra Oh, Zoe Saldana...