Friday, February 28, 2014

Favorite Friday v. 12

No, Brass Honey has not been hijacked.  I'm legitimately picking a Mr. Coffee old school coffee pot as my favorite this week!  The best part, it was only $29 at Costco.  For the last 6 years I've used a single cup brewing system, gotta stay cool, gotta stay relevant right?  Don't want to end up like my 75 year old grandma who can't send a text message.  Anyways,  I swear I hated the switch from day 1.  Sure, it's nice not to have to clean a pot, but the novelty of that goes away real quick and all you're left with is coffee that tastes like shit (even when you don't use the cups, which btw are bad of the environment).  For someone who really loves coffee and drinks in black, it's not a match made in heaven.  I managed to break two systems and swore I'd never buy another.  When I say this baby at my local Costco I got all excited.  The first cup I brewed was the best cup of coffee I've had at home in years.  No joke, when I walk into the kitchen and see her, my face lights up and I all warm and fuzzy feeling.  So long modern technology.  This girl is so glad to be back to a glass pot.  

And just because I couldn't help myself and some of you may want something a little more pretty to feast your eyes on, these babies were runner up!  Quality is OUTSTANDING.  Comfort is totally unmatched.  And their cute as all get out.  Until the rain started here (yesterday) I had been wearing them non-stop.  If you're in market for a tan pair of sandals that will match EVERYTHING, check these out.  Pricy yes, but I swear the quality and comfort are unreal. 

Happy Friday friends.  I hope you all have the best weekend.  Relax, enjoy and I'll see you back here real soon. XO

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


On Saturday, I attended my first ever blogger event, the OC Blogger Brunch.  I made the hour and a half drive to Santa Ana to spend time with Melyssa from the Nectar Collective and 20+ other bloggers, all of which I had never met.  The event was a part of the Bloggers Give Back initiative, which is absolutely awesome concept.  The gist, as bloggers we have a voice, people come here everyday to hear what we have to say.  Bloggers Giving Back is a way for us to use that voice for something good.  I'm not going to recap the event and share pictures of the food and the decorations like a typical recap would.  Justine at Fail Sweetly did a killer job though, so for more details, hop on over to her blog.  I'm going to confess my thoughts on the event..  This may very well get me blacklisted from future events, but such is life.

First confession, I had unrealisticley high expectations.  I haven't had a real good girlfriend in a long time now, all fear aside, I was hoping to meet my new best friend.  I lost my best friend to drugs and have been flying solo for three years now.  Life without a best girl friend kind of stinks.

Two days before the brunch our hostess sent an e-mail with links to the blogs of all the bloggers who would be attending.  Brilliant!  This was awesome, but with the exception of 1 other blogger, I had never read any of their blogs.  I think having been a reader of a few other blogs would have greatly helped me feel connected to other guests.    

Most everyone seemed to already know someone.  Some groups drove to the event together others met up in the parking lot and then walked in together.  Those people spent the day chatting it up with the people they already knew.  I mean I get it.  When I'm with a group of friends I adore or haven't seen in awhile,  I'm not worried about meeting new people either.  Just something to think about folks :)  Especially at an event like this.  Maybe it was just me, but I thought the idea was to network, make new friends, get to know new people.   

It was noticeably clique: the brides, the military wives etc.  

There were a few people I'd like to get to know better.

I want to host a blogger brunch.  On my invite list would be Mariah, Steph, Amanda, Kathy, Rachael, Kate, Miriam, Sarah and anyone else who wanted to come.  We'd drink martinis instead of mimosas, Mariah would be in charge of food.  We'd play pool and listen to Brittany.  It would be awesome.

I'll give it another go.  I'm relentless like that and it was an overall good experience.  Next time, lower expectations and more stalking of the blogs of the bloggers attending.

Have a great day friends. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Legally Blonde, I Mean Blind

Friends, this post title has been sitting in my drafts for six months now.  Six months without a single sentence written.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to write about being legally blind, I just didn't know what I wanted to say.  I still don't, but I'm gonna give it a go anyway.

Before I jump into the gory details, I want to make something clear. Some of this is gonna sound really shitty.  It may seem like I'm complaining or like I'm being all woe is me.  I know I'm not always Sally sunshine and my attitude about certain aspects in my life has been somewhat negative at times, you guys have bared witness to that.  This is NOT one of those times.  As strange as it is, I am in no way shape or form, nor have I ever been down in the dumps about my eye condition.  I am so thankful for the vision I do have.  I am so thankful that my Glaucoma has been under control for the last 9 years.  I am so thankful that I've been able to go to the top eye hospital in the country and that the best doctors in our country have told me that I'm doing everything in my power to keep the vision I do have for as long as I can.  If I can make it to 50 without going blind, whatever else happens will be ok with me.  I've made my peace with this. 

Now we'll get started.  This is me at 3, the age the doctors told my parents I'd be blind by.  Currently the uncorrected vision in my good eye is 20/400, my bad eye is 20/800.  We're talking can't see the big E with my bad eye people.

Here I am at 11 (feel free to laugh).  You've heard the term coke bottle glasses right?  Well, this is what they look like, bifocals and all.

This is my collection of glasses as of today.  Thankfully technology has advanced and my glasses have thinned out.  With the exception of the pair with the telescope of course.  Aren't they cute?  I had to get those while I was living in the great state of NY so that I could operate a motor vehicle.  Scary thought considering I just told you I can't see the big E right?  It may look like I've made an art of buying eyeglasses, but when you have 3 different prescriptions you're bound to have a lot of glasses.  I recently donated 6 pairs and was able to check off number 42 on my list of 101 Things In 1001 Days.  Also on that list are learning to read braille and re-reading Helen Keller's biography.  If you've got old eyeglasses sitting around the house, donate them please.  There are people in need (public service announcement over now).  

Ugh, I'm already getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up and start from the beginning.  I was born on August 27, 1979 with cataracts.  Yep cataracts, the disease that most people get when they're 80.  For those who don't know, cataracts are the clouding of your lens.  Your lens is what protects your eye.  Well, when you're a baby and you have your lens removed (the cataract) replacing it isn't an option because your eye hasn't fully developed.  Because  my lenses were removed before I was 1, they weren't replaced, because they weren't replaced, I attracted some other fun eye diseases like Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma (also typically old folks diseases).

No dramatics here folks, Glaucoma aka the silent blinder, will absolutely leave you vision-less if not treated regularly.  These are the Glaucoma meds I take everyday, two times a day so that I don't go blind.  On a positive note, because we have to look at the bright side of things right, the yellow drop makes your eyelashes grow really long and thick.  It's basically a souped up version of Latisse.  And...if I were a pot head, which I absolutely am not, I could totally use my Glaucoma as an excuse to get a medical marijuana card.  I reserve the right to redeem said card at the age of retirement.

I had a couple other surgeries as a kid (a muscle surgery because I also have a nystagmus) and then managed to go surgery free until thirteen years ago.  At age 22 my Glaucoma decided to spike despite taking my medication and I agreed to have what will be my last eye surgery.  You can only operate on something so many times and unfortunately in my case this last operation was the straw that broke the camels back.  I am in no way saying the procedure I had is not a viable option for Glaucoma patients, I am however saying that every time you operate on the eye, you're causing more nerve damage and in my case having a shunt/valve implanted into my left eye was not a good decision.  I'm going to refrain form totally bashing my Dr. at the time, but it is my belief that because of this surgery I lost a good deal of vision (like going from reading lines on the eye chart to having to have someone test your vision by holding their fingers up 6 inches from your face).  I am also going to refrain from bashing my parents for not asking more questions and/or recommending that I look at alternative options.

I should have done the same and post surgery I decided it was time for me to take my healthcare into my own hands (which I encourage you all to do).   I've been able to find some wonderful doctors who respect my choice to avoid any future operations and are willing to work with me to find the right cocktail of meds.  While we're on the subject, Glaucoma meds are no joke.  I've been on the above cocktail for 9 years now and I'm beyond happy to report that my eye pressures are 100% stable.  I'm so grateful that I found the will to continue on this regiment because for the first few weeks, I didn't think I was going to make it.  True story, the week I started taking Diamox I was so sick I missed the entire week of work.  After 4 days of being cooped up in the house, I decided to walk the one block to the dry cleaner to drop off some laundry.  Half way there I passed out on the side of the road and shit my pants.  I walked the half block back home in D's suit pants and died for another 3 days.   

I don't drive at night, I never have, but on the plus side, I've never have to be the DD.  I have to take a behind the wheel driving test every two years (even at 34 it's stressful people).  I can't wake up and see the alarm clock.  I can't do anything without glasses or contacts or both.  It's amazing how you adapt though.  I've taught myself so many ways to do the things I otherwise couldn't do because of my low vision.  For instance, typing without looking at the keyboard is a cake walk for me, it has been since pretty much day 1.  When you don't relay strongly on your eyes to do things, you learn to memorize a whole lot quicker.  I don't know how it happens, but it does.  I take pictures of things I can't see with my iphone and then I zoom in so I can read whatever it is that's printed super tiny.  People who can see well are always amazed when I share that trick.  I mean, if you can see why would you ever think to do that?

God, I think this is probably the longest post in the history of Brass Honey.  Like every other post, I share what I do because I think that there might be someone reading living through what I've been through.  If I can help someone in a similar situation, I want to.  It makes it all worth it.  I mean that's why were here aren't we.  Anyways, I know this post will not be relevant for most of my readers, but if nothing else you now know a little more about me.  Make the best of things friends.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Work Week Dinners From The Queen Of Take-Out

So back in November I wrote, Thanksgiving Recipes From The Queen of Take-Out.  If the message wasn't loud and clear there, I briefly touched on my inabilities and/or lack of desire to spend time in the kitchen here too.  A girls gotta eat though and as much as I'd love to eat take-out 5 nights a week, my wallet won't allow it.  Thankfully there are a shit ton of frozen meals and precooked options at the market these days.  Sadly I'd say about 90% of them taste like garbage or are packed with things that will allegedly kill us.  Have you seen the latest about how yoga mats and our bread are made using the same chemical???  Anyways, today I'm sharing the products I've found that are quick, easy and actually taste good.  The things that get D and I through the work week without starving or eating cereal every night.

First up and probably my favorite work night option are these little babies.  They are so flavorful and cook up in no time.  Last week I served them with white rice and roasted brussel sprouts (both of which took longer to cook then the meatballs themselves).  If you haven't tried these yet, do it, they are absolutely delicious and my top recommendation.

Next up and also delicious, may I add addicting (I've been known to eat an entire box of 8 by myself on more than one occasion) are these Whole Foods Tandoori Chicken Somosas.  Just delightful and they cook up in only 12 minutes.  Pair these with a nice salad and you're good to go.  Did I mention that they're ready in only 12 minutes!

I always, always have a few of these in the freezer.  I'm not crazy about t.v dinners, but these are great in a pinch and of all the t.v dinners I've tried (lets just say a lot), they are the absolute best!

When I really feel like rolling out the red carpet I'll cook up a can of Whole Foods spicy black beans, a pot of white rice and then I'll add a few cans of Bumble Bee jalapeno tuna in olive oil.  I'm usually not one to eat left overs but this keeps really well and is great for lunch the next day.  The jalapeno tuna is so flavorful and the olive oil gives the beans and rice a great coating.  Delish.

Couple these quick and easy meals with take-out from the local taco shop Carmens and a pizza from Mom and Doms and you now know how we stay alive.  You can thank me for making you all feel like domestic goddesses.  Now help a sister out and share your quick, easy and tasty work week dinner ideas. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hope, Disappointment and Expectations

This is by no means a, I’ve got it all figured out now let me tell you what you need to do kind of a post.  It’s more like a, I’m trying to figure this shit out and in order for me to do that, I need to get these thoughts out of my head and into the universe.   Sometimes that’s all it takes right?  I don’t think this is one of those times, but hey, you never know.  On a side note, I do know I am what some people would refer to as an “over sharer”.  I get the pros and cons of being an over sharer, but I am who I am, and I honestly believe that the only way to find people like me or people who may have been where I am and can help me in my journey, is to open up.
Anyways, onto it now.  Hope, disappointment and expectations.  I know with 100% certainty that they’re all connected.  When I think about all the disappointment I’ve felt in my lifetime, I know it’s a direct result of my expectations being to high and my hoping that things might be different.

I tell myself that I’m a realest and that I’ve lost the ability to hope, but the Christmas presents wrapped and sitting in my hall closet to family members I barely talk to and haven’t seen in ages says otherwise.  

I tell myself that I won’t let these people disappointment me anymore because after 34 years I know who they are and I know things will not change.  That’s a lie because I end up feeling hurt. 

I tell myself that it doesn’t matter, but it does.

I’ve lowered my expectations a lot over the years, but they’re still too high and they will be unless I can learn to expect nothing.  There are just some things don't think I will ever accept though and because of that, I feel like I will always end up disappointed.  How do you have relationships with people and not expect anything of them?

The good news is that this doesn’t affect me 95% of the time because I keep my distance.  The bad news is that’s the only way to avoid the disappointment.  Is it possible as a human to ever really lose hope?  I hope so.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Confess, I Don't Read Your Posts

Hi guys!  I thought I'd jump back into the swing of things with a confession post.  Don't hate me, but if you're blogging about the following, I'm rolling on by you (for the day at least).

First up, anything having to do with Birchbox or Groopdealz.  Both are HUGE in the blogging community and I just don't get it.  What am I missing?

Book reviews.  I'm kinda scared to put this one out there because some of my favorite bloggers write book reviews.  I just find that for me, they're all so boring!!!  Maybe it's my short attention span, but this is just one of those things I need to hear about in person.

Posts about your child's birthday party, unless of course it's their 1st.  I don't have children, I don't hate children either.  I just don't want to hear every little detail about their 7th birthday.

Cupcake or baking recipes where your shit looks all perfect.  You may remember me confessing to have only used my Kitchen Aid stand mixer to make instant pudding.  Yep, totally incompetent in this area and the site of anything like this makes me want to barf.

Now don't go kicking me out of blogland for this one, and I know I was guilty of it once myself, but I no longer read posts with the word Giveaway in the title.  You don't need to lure me in with a prize, in fact, I think prizes are best kept for people who would be there reading without the promise of a chance to win a great giveaway. Just one girls thoughts.

DIY posts.  There's not a crafty bone in this little body and I mean who has time for DIY.

 Confess with me now, what types of posts do you blow right on by?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello my sweet little Valentines!  It took a lot of convincing, and some bribery too, but I finally got D to agree to me sharing the video he made me for V-Day two years ago.  We don't always celebrate in a big way.  Infact this year he keeps joking that we'll just go to the store together and swap cards there.  You know so we don't actually have to buy eachother anything.  Enjoy the mushy video and I'll see you back here on Wednesday.  (Note, post posting.  It seems the video is only viewable on your PC, not ipad or iphone.  Any tips here ladies?)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Confess, I Celebrate Valentine's Day

I had 3 Dove chocolates and a medium vanilla latte for breakfast this morning.  It's no wonder I've gained 5lbs in the last 2 months.

I went to acupuncture on my lunch break yesterday and for the first time in weeks, I slept though the night.  I'll definitely be going back for some more voodo magic.

I have the queeziest stomach ever.  D had a mole removed yesterday and asked me to put Neosporan on the spot this morning (it's on his back).  I almost barfed at the thought of it .  On that note, I'm also known to throw up pretty much anytime I have more then 3 cocktails.  I don't even have to be drunk.  It totally sucks.

You guys totally shamed me into retunring my cart at the grocery story on Sunday.  Who says peer pressure doesn't exist. 

I celebrate Valentine's Day.  Now don't go getting all crazy on me.  Infact while we're on the subject can somebody please tell me why so many people REALLY hate V-Day?  I mean shit, I hear the "you should treat your love with kindness everyday of the year", but lets be real.  That doesn't always happen and I don't know about you, but I like the reminder and the chance to be a little extra sappy.  Besides, there's something about eating chocolate out of a heart shaped box that just makes the chocolate taste so much better. 

With the exception of yesterdays post, I've either hated or half assed the stuff I've put out this week.  I'm not proud of it so I think I'll be taking a few days off to regroup.

I got the highest possible rating on my yearly review at work this week. I felt proud for a minute, and then immediately shifted my thoughts to "where's the money".  That quickly became "why the hell can't you just go for meets expectations" for once in your life.  Can somebody please assisinate the overachieving critical part of me?

Confess away friends.  XO


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nordstrom February Into The Blue Picks

Yea!  It's the most wonderful time of the month, my Nordstrom catalog arrived.  It was hard to narrow down my picks this month.  Spring is definitely on the horizon and everything just looks and feels so fresh.  Enjoy friends.  

So you may have caught on by now, I have a thing for gold shoes.  When I saw these Halogen flats, I got all excited.  The stripe pair are super cute too aren't they?

And yes, yes and yes.  I love this outfit head to toe, but the skirt is especially dreamy.  Bailey 44 is a bit pricy but the brand puts out such great quality pieces, I can justify the price.

 I actually screamed repeatedly when I say this Burberry wrap watch.  By far my favorite item in this month's catalog.  Now imagine me yelling "D, D, D, come in here.  Get off the hopper already.  I've got to show you this."  Ha, poor guy.  I really do need this watch, hello, anniversary present!

Hello hot cubicle worker.  This look is amazing, but I'm especially loving the slit pants,  I mean talk about taking a basic to a whole new level.  The shoes are absolutely gorgeous too!  Promotion please. 

Woohoo, and last but not least, Caslon shorts are back.  Ladies, if you're old like me and you don't want to prance around town wearing daisy dukes, these are your shorts!  P.S. this is a public service announcement, please don't wear cotton shorts with high heels, you just look silly. 

 Take a look at this months catalog and let me know what caught your eye.  XO

Monday, February 10, 2014

Beeps aka Miss January

You officially met Poochie a few weeks ago so I thought it was only right that I introduce you to Beeps aka Miss January.  Back in 2006 Beeps was featured in a cat calendar!  She was by far the cutest kitten I've ever laid my eyes on (sorry Pooch).  I think the calendar may have gone to her head though...

Beeps was D's first cat.  You'd never know it because the two of them are totally inseparable.  It was actually hard to find pictures of Beeps for this post because the majority of the pictures we have of Beep have D in them.  She's definitely her daddies girl. 

The first night we got Beeps we ended up spending the night with her in the animal hospital.  D had built her this huge cat tower (she's standing on it in the picture above).  Well this girl was so fricken fearless, on her first attempt she climbed all the way to the top and then decided to jump the almost 6 feet down to the ground.  The poor thing was limping around afterwards and of course as new parents sometimes do, we freaked.  A few hundred dollars and several hours later we came home with our girl, who by the way was perfectly fine


Beeps has this way about her.  I hate to say it but she's a bit of a snob.  She's always got her nose up in the air.  She's a bit violent too.  I won't go into details but let's just say most people would have put her down by now.  She's a bit of a mess too.  She's constantly getting food stuck in her fur.  She always has eye boogies.  The list goes on and on but she's our girl and like a parent with a child we're in it for the long haul.

Some day I'll tell you about my experience taking Beeps to have her photos taken.  Ha!  The sheer thought makes me laugh out loud.  I mean what was I thinking?  Crazy cat mom right here. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Don't Want To Hustle

I get it.  I know what the hustle's all about, and it's great.  I've been hustling pretty much my whole life.  I was taking care of my little brothers, doing the grocery shopping and cooking dinner by the time I was 8.  I'm the first and only of my family to graduate from college.  I've built a successful career, a successful marriage.  If you've got it in you, I say go get em.  Just be careful.  The hustle is a way of life and once you're where you finally want to be, it's hard to change.  I don't want to hustle anymore. 

I know this is a reoccurring theme around these parts lately, and I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but so much of my time these days is spent trying to learn to relax and live a more carefree life.

On Thursday night I lost it in my therapist's office.  I started crying and couldn't stop.  The hustler is me is fighting so hard to stay in control.  Sometimes it feels like I'm losing the battle to be who I truly want to be.  Why can't I just take care of myself?  Lately I've found myself going non-stop.  I've been sick with a cold.  You know it's true what they say about your mental health affecting your physical health.  I haven't been taking breaks at work.  I was meant to spend Saturday in the office, but after my little meltdown Thursday, I decided I better take a step back.  Why does it always have to come to that, meltdowns?

I created this little stream of images to help me remember what's most important in this life, me.  I will slow down.  I will relax and I will take care of myself.

Right now I need daily, even hourly reminders to keep myself on track.  I'd love links to your favorite mantras/images.  Whatever it is that helps you be who you want to be.  Until next time friends, XO.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Friday v.11

Um, yes please.  As you may or may not know, I LOVE my Phillip Lim Pashli (see it here and here).  I've been carrying it for a solid six months now and I swear this bag and I are meant for each other.  I will eventually get another one, that in my opinion speaks volumes because let's be real, this is a pricy bag.  Owning one is one thing, but two, to spend that kind of money again it's got to really be worth it.  I've been loving the olive for some time now, it's such a great neutral color.  Anyways, for the longest time I've had my heart set on olive and then low and behold I saw this baby.  How fricken amazing is this bag?  It's perfect for Spring and Summer and the pop of green against the pale mint.  Dying over here.  Please let me win the lottery, lottery gods!  What do you guys think?  Do you love the color combo as much as I do?

Wishing you all a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.  Until next time.  XO 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oops, I Did It Again

It's confession time again.  Confession number one, I'm a liar!  I said I wouldn't make these posts a habit but here I am with another one just a week later.  What can I say, I'm hooked.  Reading them, writing them, whatever.  You guys seem to love them too so enough said.

My mind is all over the place this week.  Here are just a few of my more recent Google searches "Why the fuck won't my OB let me get my tubes tied?"  "Cat urns" and "Why do I keep having nightmares about a snake trying to get me?"

I think people who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials are lame.  People who talk about them the next day, even lamer.  That said, I saw the Budweiser Puppy Love commercial making the rounds a few days before the Superbowl and I have ti admit, I cried like a baby.  Now I'm here talking about it three days later.  Who's the lamest of them all.  Now watch the commercial and have a good cry,

I ate an entire package of Double Stuff Oreos in less than 24 hours.  

I'm a total quiz junkie and have been since I got my grubby little paws on my first copy of Seventeen magazine.  Naturally I've been taking all the Facebook quizzes going around lately.  So far my Cinderella self should be living in NY and working as an Austronaut.

Unless the cart return is a spot or two away from my car, I don't return my cart at the store.  Yep, I'm that person.

Dear What?.  I confess that I'm an insensetive asshole and that all your comment managed to do is make me laugh, out loud.  Thank you.
Guys, seriously, these confession posts are a blast.  This is my first time joining in on Kathy at Vodka and Soda Humpday linkup, if you're at all inclined, you should too.  XO

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Girls Gotta Eat

Life According to Steph

Before I jump right into the results of my January Spending Freeze, I think it’s important to give you a glimpse into how D and I handle our affairs.  After climbing our way out from under an obscene amount of debt, we devised a plan to keep us on track and spending within our means.  The system is quite simple and it’s incredibly effective as long as we stick to it.  We have “house” money, the money we save and/or use to pay our bills with.  And then we have “allowance”.  We each get the same amount of allowance every pay period and we’re free to spend it at our discretion (shoes for me, video games for D, whatever). 

Simple enough right.  Well I think I clearly exhibited in How To Spend  A Month’s Allowance On Your Lunch Break that Idon’t always do a very good job towing the line.  I’ve gotten in the bad habit of borrowing money from the “house” and things have gotten a bit sketch since August.  Before I knew it I found myself owing $600, yikes!  It’s a slippery slope because I make good money and I work hard so at the end of a pay period, I want to reward myself with some pretty new thing.  When I owe the house money though, I’m paying that back, which leaves me with less money for me so I borrow more.  See why I need help? 

When I saw the January Spending Freeze I thought I’d give it a go, and well let’s just say I wasn’t successful in that I spent money.  I also didn’t save a dime.  I did however pay off my debt to the house, prove I can go an entire month without buying something shiny and new and gain a lot of perspective into my spending habits.  You may not, but I’m calling this a success. 

So my journey.  I started out strong and managed to make it a whole three days before I broke down and bought my first coffee, $1.75.  I felt guilty, really guilty actually, but that didn’t stop me from doing it again four days later, another $1.75.  I broke the freeze very early on but like anything in life, this freeze had its ups and downs.  Not perfect, but in the first two weeks I only spent $3.50.  I killed it by eating breakfast at home and by bringing my lunch to work every day.  This without a doubt is what allowed me to pay back the debt I owed.    

Happy, happy, joy, joy.  Life is good……WRONG.  Once my debt was down to zero, things went completely aery.  I stopped keeping track of my infractions and I spent my entire second allowance on takeout!  Such a waste of money, but I mean a girls got to eat right.  I’ve discovered that if I’m going to get serious about saving, I’m gonna need to do the work and get my butt to the grocery store every weekend.  No joke you guys there are times where I won’t go to the store for three weeks and even then the only reason I’ll go is because we’re out of cat food.  I’m going to need to prepare meals regularly, and I’ll need to wake up early so that I don’t leave the house without eating breakfast.  I definitely need your help here.  I’m so tired of making crummy recipes that take lots of time and turn out like crap.  What can I make in bulk that will keep and TASTE GOOD.  I know this may sound easy to some of you, but I swear it was an anomaly for me in the first two weeks which is why I am so fricken proud of myself.    

This was a great exercise and I will definitely give it a go again.  I’m thrilled and relieved to be out of debt.  I’m glad to know I can go a month without buying a shiny new object and I’ve pin pointed a huge part of the reason I spend so much money.  March, I’m coming for you.           

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Want To Meet Poochie?

Poochie and Beeps made their debut on the blog a few weeks ago in this post.  Some of you asked to see more of them around these parts, so here goes.  Meet Poochie aka baby lamb.

Isn't she cute???  Poochie and I are the best of friends.  She's my sidekick, my snuggle buddy, my faithful companion.  For those of you who say cats don't have personality like dogs do, I invite you to come meet my little love.  Poochie had personality from the get go.  Look at these pictures of her as a kitten (8 years ago).

One day I came home from work to find 30 pairs of socks scattered across the living room floor.  For days we strategized about what in the hell had happened.  Anyways, about a week later we saw her in action.  She definitely keeps us on our toes.

Like her mama, this little lady is obsessed with food.  She eats so fast half the time it comes right back up.  She insists that she be allowed to drink from the bathroom faucet at all times   We've actually contemplated getting a sensor faucet so we don't have to constantly help her get the water on.

This can is tenacious and she loves nothing more than destroying our door jams.

I mean, who does that.  We use to replace them but have realized it's all in vein.  A few months later they'll just look like this again.  But man is she sweet and loving and with a face like hers we've learned to take the good with the bad.

I hope you're all lucky enough to experience the kind of pure joy that Poochie has shown us.  Have a great weekend.  Anyone watching the Superbowl?  I'm going to try my luck with this recipe today (if I can get myself out of my pajamas and to the store at some point).  Wish me luck!