Thursday, August 29, 2013

Road Trip Ready

I wanted one last hurrah this summer so I'll be making the most of the long Labor Day weekend ahead by road tripping it the 500+ miles from San Diego to my grannies house in Grass Valley, CA.  I'm sure a lot of you will be hitting the open road too so I've put together a road trip ready packing list with a few of my essentials.  Safe travels!

Sunglasses, Tee, Shorts, Sandals

Bee Happy!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Top: Forever 21 (oldie but goodie) | Skirt: Loft (oldie but goodie) | Shoes: Michael Kors (no longer available in brown, but I'd buy the black in a heartbeat) | Bag: Coach (my MIL's old bag) | Glasses: Face a Face | Earrings: Kendra Scott 

If you couldn't tell by all the balloons, today is my birthday!  The big 3-4.  You only turn 34 once right?  Gotta get out there and celebrate real big, or in my case spend the day in the office.  I don't know why we haven't all banned together to pass some kind of a bill so that our employer's have to give us our birthdays off.  Do you think I need to get a petition going?

 On a more serious note, as my birthday drew closer I found myself thinking a lot about all the things that have made the first few year's of my thirties so great.  I’m sure you’ve heard that thirty is the new twenty, right?  I'm sorry, and I swear this is not just for arguments sake, but I totally disagree, and ladies in your thirties, why would we want them to be?  As much fun as my twenties were, and they were fun (more like wild), I have no interest in going back to that time in my life.  Yes, my metabolism has slowed to a crawl, and it’s true that a night out drinking knocks me on my butt for two days (like that could stop me), but even still my thirties have been welcome relief.
There’s a level of confidence you have in your 30's that even the most confident 20 year old can’t touch.  Trust me I thought I was the shit (see the image below, and please excuse the quality, DSLR cameras didn't exist way back then :)).  

Life is a lot less dramatic.  You have fewer friends (trust me this is not always a bad thing) and your nights out partying are reserved for Christmas parties and your yearly trip to Vegas.  It amazes me that the two things I once lived for have fallen to the wayside, and left me feeling totally content about being in bed at 10. 

You've lived a little.  You've traveled or lived alone.  Chances are you've been through a few "tragic" breakups, and you've come out the other side (most likely better for it). 
You’ve accomplished something.  College, maybe building a career or a family.  Whatever it is, it’s made you a better, stronger person which in turn has made you more confident.

You’ve figured out why people judge other people and you realize that it’s just a part of life, so you brush it off if someone thinks your makeups all wrong or comments that your handbags last season. Peoples harsh words just don't have the impact they once did because you have a fairly good idea of who you are (at least for now :-)), and you've realized that that's what's most important.

You’re no longer poor! 

Change doesn't scare you, and in fact if regular change is not occurring you feel stagnant.  This is largely due to the fact that you’ve left college, moved to a new city, changed jobs a few times, etc.  If you've done it right your twenties were most likely a roller coaster ride, and you've probably been climbing your way to the top of something for awhile now, so you’re use to the ebbs and flows that come in life.  You expect them, and you know that most of the time they bring good things.

It's crazy to me how much life changes in 10 short years.  I can remember my mom turning 32 and thinking she was so old.  I'm looking forward to 34 and I can't begin to imagine what the next 6 years have in store for me.  Here's to finding the good in life at any age

Bee Happy!

Photos by Happy Dragon Photo

Monday, August 26, 2013

Really Being Real

Lately I find myself giving up on "friendships" that don't allow me to be 100% me.  At 33 I'm sad to say that I don't feel like I have ANY real true connections with friends.  Most of my relationships are more superficial than substance.  

I've moved across the country 3 times over the last 8 years and I know that that's had something to do with it.  It's hard to build long lasting deep connections with people when you're moving all the time. 

I was my own worst enemy for a really long time too.  I had something to prove so I acted in a way that I know came across abrasive and made me unapproachable.  After year's of gong balls to the wall, which will eventually burn you out, I realized the person I was trying so hard to prove something to was me.  The self realization has been amazing, but it's also left me feeling a lot less satisfied with the relationships I have.  

I want more from people, and I want to give more of myself in return.  It would be nice to have a real conversation with someone without having to worry about them judging me or gossiping about me later.  We all want to be loved and accepted don't we?  I just wish we could all really be real instead of putting up fronts so people would like us.  I happen to think my true self is a lot more likeable than my "public persona".

 I see this a lot here in the blog world too.  People only posting things they feel are "blog worthy".  After only a few short weeks I find myself doing it too  That's not why I'm here though.  The number one reason I started this gig was to connect with people, to be a part of a community.  Yeah, I'm going to have outfit posts and I will definitely be posting my latest finds because that's a part of who I am.  It's only a small part though.and if I'm going to do this I'm going to give it my all and do it my way.

 It's more important that I connect with people who have similar interests and who want to build friendships then it is that someone tell me the shoes I pinned are cute (although those comments are definitely welcome too :)).

It's funny though, even now as I write this I'm thinking to myself, is this too much, too weird.  Do you really want to post this?  What will people think.  Kind of like when I'm out at Starbucks or wherever and I see a girl I think I might like to get to know.  My first instinct is always to say hello or start up a conversation, but I don't because I don't want a complete stranger to look at me like I'm a creeper and then go home and laugh about the weird girl that tried to talk to her today.  I guess it's easier to do here in cyberspace.  That's probably why online dating has been such a big hit!

 Part of the challenge comes from getting older, and I get that.  I'm not in a sorority or school anymore and making friends at work, while not impossible, can be risky business.  We have families and other commitments, friendships have fallen down the list of priorities.  

I know this is a long rambling post, and since I'm super new to the blog world I'm sure I should be posting only "blog worthy" content so that I build up my followers.  I just can't stop but feeling like I need to put it out there though.  If you're still reading, thank you.

Bee Happy!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Having Fun With Fashion

Gray t-shirt and Jeans
Left, top to bottom: Sunglasses, Umbrella, Sunglasses Case, Ring, Loafers
Right, top to bottom: Earrings, Cell Phone Case, Clutch, Necklace, Heels

Happy Friday!  We've made it to another weekend :).  Is it happy hour yet?  I thought I'd end the work week with a little board I put together paying homage to having fun with fashion.  I'm not suggesting you pair all of these things together at once.  That would just look CRAZY, but if you have a closet full of basics like I do then you know how fun it is to work with a blank canvas (a la gray t-shirt and jeans).  Fun doesn't have to be kookie, although I like that too.  It's really whatever makes you smile.  I happen to own the sunglasses with the pink pumps above and every time I put them on I can't help but giggle.  People can't see the pumps unless I have my hair up, so it's kind of like my little secret.  Whatever makes the day more enjoyable right.  

Have a great weekend and Bee Happy!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's In My Bag? 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli

Remember the show MTV cribs?  Well if you do, you'll remember how it became a big thing for all the celebs to show us what they had in their refrigerators.  Most of the time they were packed full of drinks and not much else.  I think what someones has in their fridge/bag says a lot about them, which is probably why we're all so interested.  I know I've enjoyed snooping around the bags of some of my favorite bloggers.

Before we jump right into the actual contents, let's talk about the bag!  I had seen the Pashli around a lot, and I liked it, but it was only after I saw the medium cobalt Pashli that I knew I had to have it.  You cannot begin to imagine how great cobalt looks with so many different colors.  I swear it's almost like a neutral.  Moving past appearances though because there’s so much more to her than that.  This bag in incredibly durable.  I'm REALLY hard on my stuff and it’s such a relief not to have to worry every time I set my bag down that something's going to scratch it.  As if that wasn’t enough, the Pashli is so versatile.  Depending on my mood and the occasion I can carry this bag 3 different ways.  Gotta love the options. 

1. Buttoned up for a polished look.

2. A little looser and definitely more "trendy" with the zips pulled down.

3. Cool and casual with the top down.  This works great for a Saturday full of errands.

 So what's actually in the bag you ask?
White iphone 5 with charger
Car keys
Tide stick
Burts Bees lip balm
Eclipse winterfrost gum
Jergens lotion
Bath and Body Works Mai Tai hand sanitizer (scent no longer available but hello Pink Champagne)!
Clear View eyeglass cleaner (freebie from the optometrist)
HydroPeptide lip plumper (I picked this up at the Four Season's spa in Maui and it takes me back every time I put it on.)
Journal (gift from my thoughtful sister-in-law)
Old school mechanical pencil

The takeaway?  I have incredibly boring stuff in a super fun bag.  What do you think that says about me :-)

Bee Happy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blue on Black


Top: Trouve | Bottoms: Citizen of Humanity | Shoes: Michael Kors (oldie but goodie) | Bag: Michael Kors (oldie but goodie) | Glasses: Kate Spade | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Cuff: Kendra Scott (not available in black, but I love the Goldstone

Bee Happy!

Photos by: Mafer Arce Photography

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Pandemonium That Is Taylor Swift.

Last night I went back in time and was a 15 year old girl all over again.  At age 33, with all of life's responsibilities it's rare that I get the chance to feel so carefree and free spirited.  A HUGE thanks to Taylor for putting on such a great show, and to my Dad for helping me get back to the lighter side of life if even just for a night.  I have to say Taylor fans are the absolute best.  Everyone was dressed in red and having the best time singing along and cheering for the sweetest girl who, you can totally tell, adores her fans.  Here are a few pics from the night. 

Have a great weekend and Bee Happy!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Five Things Not To Say To A Childfree Woman.

I certainly don’t want to become a spokesperson for women without children (that sounds like a support group doesn’t it?  WWC, do we need a support group?), but there are a few things I’d like to “educate” the general public on.  Just a few little faux pas, snarky remarks, and a couple downright rude comments I hear on a semi-regular basis or almost anytime I meet a new woman because the conversation of children ALWAYS comes up. Just a quick question ladies, but why is it that 98% of the time I meet a new woman the first thing out of her mouth is “So, do you have children?”  Let’s try to think of something else that bonds us ok, and “So, are you married?” is not a suitable replacement.  Once I answer the child question, here are five things I never want to hear in response:   
1.  “I’m sorry.”  This is always said with a sad look like they just saw a golden retriever puppy get hit by a car or something.  There’s no chance that not having children is a choice right?  It must be due to some traumatic ordeal, most likely infertility.

2.  “Who’s going to take care of you when you’re old?”  My money!!!  That’s at least my first thought every time I hear this one.  This too is always accompanied by a sad face, but worse this time.  How could it be worse than an injured puppy you ask?  Well it is.  It’s like they’re actually picturing me in a nursing home, gray haired rocking in a chair alone.

3.  “I didn’t invite you because it was a kid event.”  Because not having children mean I can’t stand to be in the same room with them?  Seriously???  It’s probably for the best most of the time though because when you put a bunch of mothers in the same room the conversation always goes to breastfeeding or diaper rash.  This is also prime time for these types of remarks. 

4.  “You’re just not ready yet.”  Like it’s a maturity issue and it’s bound to happen eventually because life without children just isn’t an option.  I’m 33 year’s old, I’ve been married for 8 years.  I’m not ready now, nor will I ever be.

5.  “When are you going to have kids?”  Very similar to the above, just a little less insulting.  If you have to choose one this is your best bet, but you’re still assuming that I’m eventually going to have children because that’s what women do right? 

Having children is not for everyone, but I understand that either is not having them.  Believe me there are dozens of remarks I could make about people who chose to have kids, and I do, but I keep them to myself, or I joke about them behind closed doors with D because they’re offensive (just keeping it real).  Children are a lifestyle choice and not choosing them doesn’t mean that I hate them, that I can’t stand to be in the same room with them, that my life is empty or that I’m going to die alone.  I’ll leave you with a recent article from Time Magazine for some food for thought and an age old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Having It All Without Having Children- Time Magazine Article 
Bee Happy!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best In Beauty, For A Non-Makeup Girl


I'm the first to admit that I am not a makeup girl so this post will not be chock-full of the latest and greatest beauty products.  Rather these are the products I've been using for years and go through bottle after bottle of.  My everyday, holy grail, must haves.  Enjoy!

Este Lauders Advanced Night Repair has been a game changer for my skin.  This is without a doubt my number one beauty product.  For 10 solid years I struggled to find something, anything that would help reduce the redness in my chin and cheeks (rosacea).  I shelled out endless amounts of money to no avail.  I went to the dermatologist and used harsh retinols that not only failed to help but also dried out my skin.  I was starting to feel defeated until two year's ago when I picked up a bottle of Advanced Night Repair.  I've never looked back!  In fact, I look for the largest bottle possible because I don't ever want to go a single day without this gem of a product.  The icing on the cake is that it's also reduced the size of my pores making any makeup I do wear look a lot more flawless.

I pull out my foundation for special occasions ;-).  For whatever reason, a full face of makeup just doesn't feel good to me.  Bobbi Browns Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect compromise (bonus it has SPF 15).  It's very light, almost watery and goes on super easy.  It's build-able too, but I find just a pea size drop will do, paired with a sheer powder.
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream has been a go to for me for quite awhile now.  I use it in the morning after I've washed my face and again at night after I've applied Advanced Night Repair.  After years of having dry, flaky skin I've finally found something to be completely nourishing.  The price is right too!  A huge pot lasts me months and can be found for under $50.   

For $5 each you can get some of the best shampoo and conditioner on the market.  I absolutely love this stuff.  My hair is medium length, but really thick and a lot of shampoos and conditioners tend to weigh it down.  I curl my hair almost daily so I need something that will leave my hair clean and moisturized without making it heavy.  This is it!  My hair is bouncy, full of life and has great shine.  If you haven't tried Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care pick some up the next time your at your local grocery store.
Bobbi Browns Sheer Finish Pressed Powder is the newest product to be added to my daily routine.  This powder is the perfect compliment to the tinted moisturizer.  I didn't use powder for years, again because of my dry, red skin (do you see why Advanced Night Repair is my all-time favorite!).  Now that I can, I feel lucky to have found something that leaves such a nice sheer matte finish.  More is definitely less with this product line which is probably why I love it so much!

Love, love, love this polish.  Essie's Meet Me At Sunset was part of Essie's Summer 2011 line and I've been wearing it every since.  It looks amazing on my fair skin and even better with a tan.  I think this is a color anyone can wear. 

For someone who doesn't like to wear a lot of makeup, finding a mascara that doesn't make you look like you're wearing false lashes is getting harder and harder to find these days.  I have very long lashes naturally and would be completely happy wearing no mascara at all if my lashes were a little darker in color.  Adding a little color really does help define the eyes.  I like Maybelline's Great Lash in Blackest Black with the curved wand because it doesn't dry super fast and allows me the time I need to separate my lashes so that they don't clump.

  Burt's Bees Lip Balm is a no frills item but an absolute necessity.  I keep one on my nightstand, in my purse, in my car and on my desk at work.  I usually have a few on standby as well.  

   No joke, this Jergen's Original Scent is my grandma's lotion.  She's used it for at least 30 years now and there's something to be said for that.  With all the lotions and potions out there this is the only one I've actually used up and repurchased.  The scent is clean and not overpowering and it leaves my skin feeling amazing and moisturized.

Last but not least, my beloved Lola by Marc Jacobs.  I received my first bottle as a 30th birthday present from my best friend and have been in love ever since.  This is not a scent for the faint of heart.  It's deep and bold, a scent for a woman :-).

Well, there you have them.  What are your Best of Beauty products?  I'm still on the hunt for an awesome face wash and eye liner?  Any recommendations?

Have a great Sunday and Bee Happy!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Staying Fit, Or At Least Trying.

I’m going to be real honest.  Unless I have a beach vacation on the horizon the chances of me going to the gym and hitting the treadmill are slim to none.  I know staying fit is important though, so for the nine months out of the year that I’m not prepping my bikini body, I’m searching for way to keep myself moving.  Here are a few of my go to's.

Get out and get walking.  During the work week I spend the majority of my day sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen.  Not good for my mind or my body so I make every effort to get up and get moving.  We’re all entitled to breaks right?  Each morning and again in the afternoon I get out with a co-worker and take a fifteen minute walk.  Not only does it get my blood pumping but it’s a great way to break up the work day.
Take a hike.  The company I work for has a hiking club that meets a few times a month.  Despite my incredible clumsiness I decided to get out there and join them a few weekends back.  Man what an exhilarating way to get a workout in.  The hike was over 7 miles, but with views like this who's counting.  Not bad huh?

 Crunch your abs, not your chips.  Well crunch your chips too!  Instead of blowing through commercials on Tivo I spend the 3-4 minutes doing crunches.  By the time you really start to feel the burn you’re back to watching The Real Housewives.

Wash your car.  Every time I get out and wash my car I work up a sweat.  Good for me and the car.

Go to a class.  I personally do a lot better when I have somewhere to be and it doesn’t hurt that there are other people working out with me.  There is power in numbers!  A few times a month, I attend a beginner yoga class at a local studio.  I was a bit intimidated to go at first because I had never practiced yoga, and I was going it alone, but yogi’s are so welcoming and the practice of yoga is so good for you.
Tend to your yard.  I’m not talking about mowing the lawn.  We’ll leave that to the boys.  Every little thing counts though so get out there and rake the leaves or water your flowers.
If all else fails, buy some cute workout clothes.  After the beach vacation this is single handedly the only thing that can really get me motivated.  Here are a few of my all time favorites and a couple of pieces I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe.

For those of us not afraid to stop traffic.  These have been my favorites for months now.

They call these "Live In Leggings" for a reason ladies!

 What do you do to stay fit?  I’d love to hear how you stay active.  Big or small every little thing counts.  

Bee Happy!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What A Girl Wants


As soon as I saw the 3.1 Philip Lim medium Pashli in cobalt I knew I had to make it happen.  I'm dreaming of the recently released crimson color now too!  Each of these pieces will definitely help transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, and with all the fall previews popping up everywhere I'm certainly wishing for cooler weather.
Bee happy!