Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Top: Forever 21 (oldie but goodie) | Skirt: Loft (oldie but goodie) | Shoes: Michael Kors (no longer available in brown, but I'd buy the black in a heartbeat) | Bag: Coach (my MIL's old bag) | Glasses: Face a Face | Earrings: Kendra Scott 

If you couldn't tell by all the balloons, today is my birthday!  The big 3-4.  You only turn 34 once right?  Gotta get out there and celebrate real big, or in my case spend the day in the office.  I don't know why we haven't all banned together to pass some kind of a bill so that our employer's have to give us our birthdays off.  Do you think I need to get a petition going?

 On a more serious note, as my birthday drew closer I found myself thinking a lot about all the things that have made the first few year's of my thirties so great.  I’m sure you’ve heard that thirty is the new twenty, right?  I'm sorry, and I swear this is not just for arguments sake, but I totally disagree, and ladies in your thirties, why would we want them to be?  As much fun as my twenties were, and they were fun (more like wild), I have no interest in going back to that time in my life.  Yes, my metabolism has slowed to a crawl, and it’s true that a night out drinking knocks me on my butt for two days (like that could stop me), but even still my thirties have been welcome relief.
There’s a level of confidence you have in your 30's that even the most confident 20 year old can’t touch.  Trust me I thought I was the shit (see the image below, and please excuse the quality, DSLR cameras didn't exist way back then :)).  

Life is a lot less dramatic.  You have fewer friends (trust me this is not always a bad thing) and your nights out partying are reserved for Christmas parties and your yearly trip to Vegas.  It amazes me that the two things I once lived for have fallen to the wayside, and left me feeling totally content about being in bed at 10. 

You've lived a little.  You've traveled or lived alone.  Chances are you've been through a few "tragic" breakups, and you've come out the other side (most likely better for it). 
You’ve accomplished something.  College, maybe building a career or a family.  Whatever it is, it’s made you a better, stronger person which in turn has made you more confident.

You’ve figured out why people judge other people and you realize that it’s just a part of life, so you brush it off if someone thinks your makeups all wrong or comments that your handbags last season. Peoples harsh words just don't have the impact they once did because you have a fairly good idea of who you are (at least for now :-)), and you've realized that that's what's most important.

You’re no longer poor! 

Change doesn't scare you, and in fact if regular change is not occurring you feel stagnant.  This is largely due to the fact that you’ve left college, moved to a new city, changed jobs a few times, etc.  If you've done it right your twenties were most likely a roller coaster ride, and you've probably been climbing your way to the top of something for awhile now, so you’re use to the ebbs and flows that come in life.  You expect them, and you know that most of the time they bring good things.

It's crazy to me how much life changes in 10 short years.  I can remember my mom turning 32 and thinking she was so old.  I'm looking forward to 34 and I can't begin to imagine what the next 6 years have in store for me.  Here's to finding the good in life at any age

Bee Happy!

Photos by Happy Dragon Photo

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