Saturday, May 31, 2014

The School Of Life Linkup, Week 4

The School of Life

Well friends, it's time for a little Sunday school as Miriam has creatively dubbed it!  This week's first lesson is that I'm not going to learn something big and profound every week.  Some weeks will pass and I'll feel like I've learned nothing, that's not true.  Maybe I didn't learn anything life altering, but I still learned something.

Here are some of the small things I learned this week:

Don't sit outside in the sun by the pool with your ipad for too long.  It will eventually get too hot and then shut down on you.

Don't do something half way, especially if you have OCD.  Last Spring Dar and I had the pool resurfaced in this amazing turquoise pebble.  To save money we opted to keep the tile as is.  It was in newish condition and we were putting new windows in at the same time so money was flying out of here left and right.  I hate to say this, but every time I'm in the pool that's all I notice.  The old blue tile that doesn't match my pretty turquoise pebble.   

Pay attention when checking out online.  I mailed the new shoes I've been looking forward to receiving all week to someone else's house!!!  Now I have to wait even longer to receive them.

If you haven't worked out in a year, your first time back will be brutal.  I went to yoga on Friday and I swear I feel like someone punched me in the ribs a hundred times.  My upper arms are shaky.  I can barely manage to squat down.  I'm in total pain, but it feels kinda awesome. 

I really do love blue nail polish.

I'm offensive sometimes.  You guys get to see it all here on the blog.  Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad, sometimes I have good tips to share, sometimes I'm funny, sometimes I'm materialistic, sometimes I'm vulnerable and loving.  That's me.  I'm not the simplest of people but I love that I am who I really am here.  It's helped me see myself more clearly.  It's shown me all the good and the bad and I really couldn't imagine not being me here in my own space.  If you don't like it, bye bye.  For those of you who have been here and who take the good with the bad, thank you.  We may not always agree.  I may turn you off sometimes, but I appreciate that you see all of my various sides and that you accept me for who I am.  That's really all I've ever wanted and it means more to me than anything.    

So now please tell me, what have you learned this week.  Big or small anything goes.  Take care good friends and I'll see you soon.  XO.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Gentle Reminder

Just a random picture from last weekend.
Thank you to my very sweet friend Mariah for the gentle reminder that it might be time for me to write another grateful post.  You knew exactly what I needed and I’m so grateful for that.

Same goes for the sweet friend who asked me to join her for yoga today.  I need to get out of my head and just breathe and that’s what yoga’s all about.

I’m grateful for the free gym membership provided to me by my employer.  It takes away one of my biggest excuses for not working out (it's too expensive) and allows me to go to said yoga class at no cost.

I’m grateful that Poochie scratched up the bedframe today because it means she’s alive and that she’s getting back to her old self.

I’m grateful for Summer Hours which mean I work an extra hour Monday-Thursday and then get to go home at noon on Friday’s.

I’m grateful for Darren who without fail rides the roller coaster of life with me.  Up and down, up and down. 

I’m grateful for fresh croissants with warm ham and cheese.

I'm grateful for my two night getaway to San Francisco in 62 short days, but who's counting :) 
I’m grateful for everything really.   Happy Friday my firends.  May you have a wonderful weekend and please do join Mariah, Miriam and myself on Sunday for the School Of Life Linkup!  See you then.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So Yeah, I'm Totally Judging You!

Yeah you, the person who lets their child run wild in the restaurant, airport, grocery store etc. etc. etc.

The person who's garage is so full of shit that they can't park their car(s) in it.

The person who won't loosen up and have a fricken drink every now and then.

The person who drinks convenient store coffee.

The person who's afraid to touch the bathroom door as they exit a public restroom but has no issue throwing their used paper towel on the ground.

The person who's car is always cluttered with crap like clothes, water bottles, empty kleenex boxes etc.

People who don't have pets.

People who don't put trash bags in their trashcans.

People who live in small towns.

People who ask me for money at the gas station so that they can fill up their tank.

People who are married to their high school sweethearts.

So yeah, the list goes on and on.  Nobody said judging is nice/right, but I do it and you know you do too.  So tell me, what types of things do you find yourself judging others for???  

Vodka and Soda

Monday, May 26, 2014

Finding The Girl With The Rabbit

There are parts of myself that I sometimes think are long gone.  That's life though isn't it?  We're continuously changing, growing, moving forward.  In so many ways I love who I am, but I also long to hold onto the girl who hid a rabbit in her dorm room because she couldn't bare the thought of not having a pet.

Freshman year, 1997
 The girl who wasn't afraid to sing karaoke in a crowded dive bar.

The girl who rode dirt bikes.

The girl who took a tickle me Elmo to college with her.

The girl who watched Pretty Woman and Beaches on the weekly.

The girl who's uniform was a pair of Levis, a worn pair of Birkenstocks and a tee shirt.

The girl who never had her nails done and almost always wore her hair in a pony tail.

The girl who's idea of fun was a bonfire and cheap beer.

The girl who didn't care what anyone thought.

The girl who had a blue streak in her hair because why not.

The girl who thought the Red Lobster was a fancy night out.

The girl who didn't need things to make her happy.

The girl who wouldn't dream of sleeping with anything but the quilt her grandma made her.

The carefree girl.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The School Of Life Linkup, Week 3

Life Lessons Linkup

Hello friends!  I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend.  You certainly deserve it.  A huge thank you to those of you who have served our country, are currently serving it or have a family member serving.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you.

And now onto this weeks lessons.      

1. Ain't nothing like a 3 day weekend to make a girl happy!

2. By now y'all know I'm completely disinterested in all thing domestic, so this one is definitely new for me.  I finally get why people say cleaning the house is therapeutic.  That's not to say I'm going to make a habit of it, but I get it.  May has basically sucked ass in the Kerns house.  Between Poochie being sick, the warranty expiring on our car and then the AC going out two weeks later (cha ching), not feeling well etc. etc. etc., this month has pretty much thrown me for a loop.  I get paid to plan, to organize, to maintain order.  People joke that I have OCD.  Well let me tell you when a control freak like me feels out of control all that's left to do is create order wherever possible, even if that means cleaning the house.  Dar and I literally turned the house upside down yesterday and it felt amazing.

3. Getting a manicure/pedicure on your lunch hour is a terrible idea.  I went on Monday, but didn't have time for my nails or toes to dry so before I even made it back to the office they were all jacked up.  There goes $50 and even worse, I'm not going around with bare nails/toenails.  I really need to learn how to DIY.

4. I haven't felt like blogging this week, so I haven't.  I love Brass Honey, and I love you guys, but I also love that I'm ok with not posting when I don't feel like it.  I use to feel this crazy self induced pressure to get something out every couple of days.  I'm so glad that pressure is gone.  With that said, when you host a linkup, you absolutely have to post, even if you don't feel like it :)

5. If you keep something long enough it will come back in style.  I bought these (in red) today and  I'm pretty sure I had the same pair in high school.  If I had a dollar for every time I'd wished I'd had something I tossed out a decade or more ago.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The School Of Life, Week 2

Life Lessons Linkup

Welcome back to the School of Life.  Just like last week, this week proved to be full of learning experiences.  I mean did you know that...

1. Chipotle has fajita mix!!!  How in the heck did I only just discover that this week?  As the self proclaimed Queen of Takeout, I pick up Chippotle pretty much once a week, I have for years now (it's gotta be better for me than a fast food burger right?).  If nothing else this should go to show you just how observant I am, #notatall.  Fajita mix added to a shredded pork bowl = amazing!

2. You should always focus on the task at hand.  It's fair to say I've been a bit of a soup sandwich this week.  We women are known for our badass multitasking abilities, it's one of our strongest atributes, but sometimes I think it's one of our greatest downfalls too.  The mind can only handle so much. 

The proof is in the pudding my friends.

On Tuesday I couldn't remember if I took my meds, so I took them again, and then I couldn't remember if I took them after that, so I'm pretty sure I took a thrid dose.  Wednesday and Thursday weren't much better, I had to turn the car around both days to make sure I had closed the garage door.  Two fricken days in a row.  On Friday I lost a very expensive ticket to a baseball game and then my car in the parking garage. 

Focus is key. 

3. It's time for a one piece, or at least a tankini.  I've been saying this for a few years now, but it's actually time.  I saw a horrid picture of myself recently and literally wanted to hide.  When did I get so chunky?  I like food too much to stop eating like I do and as much as I'd love to be all gung ho about going to the gym, I'm just not.  I think knowing you're ready for a one piece/tankini is kind of like knowing you've found the "one".  I was all wishy washy in the past, because it wasn't right, now that it is, I can totally embrace it.  What do you think about these (here, here and here).  Do yall wear a two piece still or have you transitioned into a one piece/tankini?

4. Needing/embracing the one piece/tankini makes me feel old.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

5. Learnt is a word.  I didn't know that until last weeks linkup. 

‘Learnt’ or ‘learned’?

These are alternative forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. ‘Learnt’ is more common in British English, and ‘learned’ in American English.

5. Drinking extra water on super hot days is imperative.  San Diego has been HOT, and no, not because of all the fires.  That's a super terrible joke I've heard at least 5 times this week, and news flash, it's totally insensetive.  I mean people have lost their fricken homes through no fault of their own.  Get a grip. 

Anyways, we reached 100 degrees a few times this week.  One hundred degrees in America's finest city is just crazy.  After 3 or 4 days of this madness I had clearly become dehydrated (probably had something to do with me taking too many damn diaretics on Tuesday too).  So yeah, Thursday I go to get up from my desk and bam, I almost walk into a pole. 

Now let me be clear, this does happen on occasion, like when I'm not paying attention (see #2).  I swear this was differnt, I thought I had verdigo.  A coworker went and bought me some dramamine, five or six glasses of water later, and a quick rest and I was feeling fine.  Dehydration is not cool people.  Drink water when it's hot.  

Here's hoping I never stop learning.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorite Friday v.14

You know those times when you see something and you're like "Oh my god, I NEED that in my life".  I'm not gonna lie, that happens to me a lot.  Like a few times a week.  It's sad I know.  In an effort to be a bit better I've really tried not to stop myself from the impulse buy.  For the most part this wait a week and see if I still want it method of doing things has really been good for me. 
Of course it's screwed me a few times too.  I go back a week later only to find that whatever it was that I wanted is gone.  That's brutal #firstworldproblems.

Insert my latest need.  I first saw this pillow on Julia at Gal Meets Glam's blog.  Side note, Julia has the best style which really pisses me off.  I mean how is it even possible for someone so young as she is to be as cool as she is.  Anyways, I did a post on my closet (or lack there of) way back when and ever since I've been making it pretty little by little.  This leopard pillow will be a part of the magic. 

Buy it here, and while you're at it, buy me one too please.

I hope you've all had an amazing week.  TGIF, and don't forget to team up with Mariah, Miriam and I on Sunday for The School of Life linkup.  Stay cool darlings.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Man Up Already

It's fair to say I'm all about the manly man.  You know, meat and potatoes, flannel shirts, a little scruff on the face.  I like a beer drinker, a video game player, an avid sports fan.  My man goes to work wearing a uniform most days.  Uniforms are hot.  Need I say more?  

Now that we've got that established let me commence with the girly man bashing.  This post was inspired by a girly man at work who appeared at the coffee bar alongside me last week.  I'm there pouring my perfect cup of black coffee.  Meanwhile girly man pours himself a cup which includes 4 creamers and 3 sugar packets.  THREE sugar packets into a cup no more than 10oz.  Seriously dude why even bother.  On another note, you're lucky were in a professional environment otherwise I'd have been laughing my butt off out you and yelling MAN UP! 

Same goes for men who carry "man bags".  Let's call them what they are PURSES.  Unless your going to work with your "laptop bag" or your on daddy duty and are carrying a "diaper bag", it's a purse buddy.  Do you carry your lip gloss in that man bag of yours? 


Manscaping, I mean wtf?  I'm all for the basic trimming of nails, haircuts and a shave.  Maybe even a facial once in your lifetime, but come on guys.  I don't want to see you at the spa getting waxed.  It's just weird. 

On a side note, any word you try to throw a "man" in front of to make sound more manly is just plain ridiculous.

The tight tee.  D and I have this long running joke about the way most mannequins are dressed in the men's section at department stores.  "Is that what a MAN should look like", and then we laugh hysterically  Between the skinny jeans, the tight tees and the cardigans.  Good lord.  And tank tops, don't even get me started there.

What do you think?  Do you prefer a manly man or do you find yourself drawn to men who are a little less rough around the edges?  And ladies, if your guys carries a manbag or manscapes, I need to hear from you?  Help me understand this ridiculousness.  Until next time.  XO

Kathy, thank you as always for the good time that is Humpday!  I'm obviously not alone.  This bitch woke up early to get this up and linked and I'm still number 47.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My First You-Tube Video

Guys!!!  I've made it into my first You-Tube video.  Let's just forget the fact that I'm in it for all of 5 seconds (and that I'm turning on lights and rolling up a garage door).  By now you've all heard me talk about my company moving it's corporate office to downtown San Diego.  It's awesome to finally be able to share something tangable here with you all.  This has by far been the bigest most rewarding project I've ever had the opportunity to work on and I'm just so proud of the part I played in making our move such a succcess. Hope you're all having a great day.  XO

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The School Of Life Linkup

Life Lessons Linkup

This past week has been so very full of life's little lessons, but aren't they all?  Even the best of weeks have something to teach us.  Fifty four weeks of learning, if we're lucky.  Big and small, if you're paying attention, they're there for the taking.  This simple idea was all it took to form the School Of Life linkup.  I hope you'll join the fabulous Mariah at Food, Booze & Baggage, the ever twirling Miriam at Farm Girl and myself on Sunday's for some schooling :)

Now pay attention class, it's time for this weeks lessons.

First, the drive thru line at In-N-Out.  It's always going to be a half an hour long.  Just expect it.  Bring a good book.  Do what you need to do.  The burger is so worth it.

It's true what they say about the importance of having 6 months salary in the bank.  D and I always laughed at this notion.  I mean, what could possibly happen that we'd need more than a couple a thousand dollars for right?  We've been very lucky up until this point, but as the vet bills start to stack up, I'm rethinking the idea.

Buying a whole melon is never going to work in this household.  I have a watermelon and a honeydew sitting on the counter now.  They've been here all week and I can't seem to bring myself to cut them up.  There's not a drop of domestic goddess in me. 

And apparently chopping too!
For the first time ever I think I have a fairly good idea what a mother goes through on a daily basis for their child's entire existence.  You bitches are crazy, period.  The worry.  Getting up in the middle of the night to make sure my girl is breathing.  All the second guessing.  Should I have taken her to the doctor sooner?  Did I make the right decision?  Did I f*ck my child up forever?  The complete selflessness.  Sleeping on the floor to comfort her because she won't get up onto the bed.  I don't know how you're not all alcoholics, or dead.

Speaking of alcoholics, until this last week I thought I was a stress drinker.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  When real stress kicks in you won't find me anywhere near a bottle.  Unless of course it's Friday night!

Don't take anything for granted friends.  I know we hear this all the time and sadly sometimes it takes something hitting us close to home to make us realize that.  Everyday is a gift.  treat it that way and treat the ones you love the way they deserve to be treated.

So how'd I do?  It's not too late to join in the linkup, and even if it is, there's always next week.  Have a wonderful Mother's day all you psycho bitches.  You absolutely deserve your own day.  XO

What A Girl Wants and A Linkup Announcement!


Spring has sprung and Summer is on the way.  In my world that means it's time for a few new key pieces.  With work as crazy as it was and our recent trip to Vegas I haven't had much time for shopping.  That's about to change.  As per usual the latest Nordstrom catalog has me drooling.  Feast your eyes on my picks.  I promise they won't disappoint! 

Were starting off with a bang!  This Tasha beaded clutch is everything a good clutch should be.  It's bold.  It's not too big.  Best of all it would definitely take any basic black dress to a whole new level.  Those at least are my clutch requirements :).  Hard to believe I didn't own my first clutch until last year.  I didn't know what I was missing.

Do you guys remember the green dress I wore to the Kendra Scott LUXE launch?  Well, it was a Vince Camuto dress.  I've since worn it at least a half a dozen times.and have had my eye out for another piece from the designer.  The quality is great and the price point is just right.  I absolutely love this one with the cut outs at the neckline. 

The very last thing I need is another pair of black shoes, but I just love these Sam Edelman's.  

I want these in the gold of course, but I love the turquoise too!  Under $70 people and Dolce Vita is pretty darn good quality for the price.

And now, my top pick.  I mean do you guys understand how hard it is to find a good pair of white sunnies?  I've seriously been looking for years!  Little miss Rachael over at Tossing the Script has been taunting me lately, she's been sporting a super cute pair.  When I saw these I got all tingly inside.  I have at least 3 pairs of Kate Spade sunglasses already and I swear they're the best!

I hope you're all having a great weekend.  If the spirit moves you team up with the fabulous Mariah at Food, Booze & Baggage, the ever twirling Miriam of Farm Girl and myself for our first ever, The School of Life Linkup.  Share this weeks little life lessons (big or small, anything goes) with us and get to know some awesome new bloggers.  Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Confessions Of Bargaining, Resentment and Relief.

Six months ago I never would have posted this picture.  My hairs a mess, my glasses are huge, I don't even think I'm wearing a bra.  The photo itself is dark and grainy.  It was taken for us (Poochie and me), not for a viewing audiance.

Pretty, happy, positive, that's what we like to show and see.  We aim to keep things upbeat, to be an inspiration to others, to share the best versions of ourselves.  We show the pretty more often than not.  Pretty is nicer to look at and read about isn't it?

This space has been an incredibly positive one for the last month or two.  I've been proud of that because it's been a direct reflection on how things have been going in my personal life, positively.  If you've been with me for awhile now, most of you have, you know that that's not always been the case.  There's been darkness here before.

Today's post is darkness.

Our sweet little girl Poochie has been in ICU fighting heart failure for the last two days.  Yesterday after an EKG we learned that she has and probably has had since birth, HCM (Hyperthropic Cardiomyopathy).  My best friend and faithful companion is dying from heart disease.  I'm trying like hell to stay positive, but to be honest, I've been a complete mess.  My days with Poochie are going to be far less than I ever though.

The good news is that Poochie was taken off oxygen about 4 hours ago and as long as she remains stable, will be coming home with us so that she can live out the rest of her days at home with her family.  

These are confessions of my thoughts over the last few days.

Why Poochie.  I wish it was Beeps.  I feel like an absolute monster for thinking that, but Beeps is older.  I swear I love Beeps and we're great pals, but Poochie and I, we're animal/human soul mates.  From day 1 I've said she was Darren in cat form.  I'm sorry Beeps.

I've bargained with the universe.  If Poochie makes it out and is able to come home, I won't bug Dar for a trip to the Caribbean for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

My completely empty credit card will be maxed out.  It's worth it.

WHEN  Poochie makes it home, I'll give her whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.  Treats galore.  Every sink in the house will have water running from it 24/7 for Poochie's drinking pleasure. 

Communicating to my boss (a grown man and the company CFO) that I need to miss work again to be with my cat has been incredibly odd.  He's been absolutely amazing and totally understanding.  It just something I've never thought about having to do before.  My girls are my kids and that's how I talk about them.  I guess it's just never been in a professional capacity.    

I've yet to even allow myself to think about what will happen a week from now,  or two months from now when Poochie's little heart does finally give out.  I'm just so grateful for the extra time I have with her.  The extra time I have to show her as much love as she's shown me.

We've been so lucky to have Poochie in our family.  Nine years just doesn't seem long enough, but I guess 18 years probably wouldn't either.

Please keep little Poochie and her family in our thoughts this week.  We need your good vibes and words of encouragement.  Until next time.  XO    

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

Let me start this little recap by shouting from the rooftops that I SURVIVED 3 NIGHTS IN VEGAS!  That no joke is a feat in and of itself.  Vegas is a town full of excess, that's why I love it as much as I do, but excess can be pretty damn hard on your body (especially at 34).  Late nights, endless champagne, gorging on food morning, noon and night.  You get where I'm going with this.

Let's get started then, from the beginning of course.  Just a short disclosure though before I do.  I'm a review reading junkie so this will probably be long.  Also, all photos were taken with my iphone.  This girl has a bad track record of drinking and then losing expensive things so I wasn't about to tote around a camera. 

So bright and early Sunday morning a car picked us up for a 9:30am flight on Spirit airlines.  Ever flown Spirit?  Me either until this trip.  I was pleasantly surprised though and that doesn't happen often so I'm going to share.  For a very small fee (like $60 for 2 people round trip) we were able to upgrade our seats to the first few rows on the plane.  These rows have seats in sets of 2 instead of 3.  In no way is this first class.  I mean you still pay for your drinks, your snacks and your bags just like everyone else (this is definitely an a la carte airline).  What it does buy you however is the ability to avoid having to sit next to someone gross, or even worse, in the dreaded middle seat.  Totally worth the money in my opinion because it made for a more comfortable flying experience.  Of course it also helps that the flight to Vegas from San Diego is such a short one.

An hour and a half later we were on the ground and in a cab headed for the Encore at Wynn.  We've stayed in the Wynn tower previously, but this was our first experience at Encore.  I know that Wynn properties aren't for everyone.  They're not center strip and they're pretty out of the way, but that's exactly what I like about them.  I'm all for whooping it up down at Bellagio, but at the end of a long day, I want to get away from the crowds and head back to a serene hotel.

Anyways, my first impression of Encore was great!  We arrived at 11:30 to check-in and were sent right up to our room on the 61st floor.  I just love an early check-in don't you?  There's nothing worse then having to kill time before you can get into your room. 

Pretty swanky huh?  Now don't go thinking I'm a baller or anything.  All of the rooms at Encore are suites.  They're huge, and they're lovely, but...I definitely prefer the decor and the smaller/cozier feel of the Wynn rooms.  Cry me a river right.   

We quickly got settled in and then headed down for our 12:30 reservation at Country Club for their Sunday Jazz Brunch.  Oh brunch, where do I even begin.  Bottomless mimosas!  Amazing live music.  Some of the best shrimp and grits I've ever had.  Mounds of fresh seafood and carving stations galore.  We were seated inside (I died over the plaid carpet that will one day be in a home of mine) at an oval table and on a leather sofa for two.  The entire experience was so unique and somehow very romantic.  Definitely a great way to kick off our trip. 

At Country Club after 2 hours of gorging on amazing food.
After brunch we hit the gaming floor where we both proceeded to lose copious amounts of $$$.  I can only take so much so a few hours later I called it quits for the day and headed up to the room to take what I thought would be a long leisurely bath.  Ha!  When I arrived I was greeted by a gift from the construction company I've been working with on the build out of our new corporate headquarters.

So thoughtful right.  Well I took a second to get the water running in the enormous tub and then came back to write a quick thank you email.  Literally less than 5 minutes later I go in to check on the tub, which I believed would take forever to fill, only to find that it was overflowing.  The entire bathroom was flooded and water had started to flow into the foyer.  Oh god Shannon what have you done!  I quickly turned off the water, opened the drain (which basically required me to get in up to my shoulders-this damn tub was huge), and called housekeeping.  No joke, seconds later a gentleman from the hotels engineering department arrived to "access the situation".  Lucky for me I managed to charm him somehow and he chased off security who had since shown up to write an incident report.  An hour later the mess is corrected and I sent the engineer on his way with a fat tip.

Needless to say my long leisurely bath turned into a super quick 5 minute shower before dinner.  Sinatra, hands down my favorite restaurant anywhere.  We've been a half a dozen times now and I am never disappointed.

The ambiance is everything.  I love the silk dragonfly napkins so much that I bought 6 from the Wynn Home Store on our last trip.  The lamps on tables (are those for sale too?) are gorgeous.  The color pallet, coral and green.  It appeals to all of my senses and is probably the most beautiful, comfortable space I've ever been in.

The food in insanely good as well.  I started with the meatballs and polenta fries, as well as a caesar salad (not pictured, sorry guys). Dar had the veal parm, which he continues to get because it's that amazing.  I had the spaghetti and clams.  The sauce and pasta were both beyond delicious.

I will say this time around service was not what I've come to know, but I'll let it slide because the food and ambiance more than made up for it. 

Our first night always seems to be a late one.  I was up past 12:30, Dar was more like 3:00.  His quote "Vegas is the only place in the world you can roll in at 3:00 and not have your wife question you."  So true!  We have a rule, stay out as late as you want in Vegas, just don't leave the hotel.  Fair enough right.  Well we were off to a slow start the next day so we opted for breakfast in.

Very good decision.  I just love room service.  As you can see I pretty much ordered everything on the menu (fruit, pancakes, sausage, eggs, potato's).  When I'm rich one day I'll absolutely have a chef on staff who will cook me whatever I want three times a day.  

After breakfast we got ourselves ready and cruised down the strip to the Mirage and then to Bellagio.  We got married at Bellagio so it will forever be a special place full of amazing memories for us.  The second you walk though their lobby doors you smell the amazing aroma from the indoor flower gardens, there are butterflies flying around, soft music playing in the background.  It's just such a magical place.  We walked down memory lane for a bit and then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon pissing our hard earned money away.  Oh Vegas, we have such a love hate relationship.

Dinner at Prime that night was glorious.  The velvet cushions, the tassels on the drapes.  Prime is a very opulent restaurant with great food and amazing service.  Probably the best way to see the famous Bellagio fountains too.  And again, sorry guys, but I was too busy staring into my lovers eyes and out the window at the fountains to take any pictures of the food (bad blogger).  Luckily the restaurant had a photographer that came around and snapped some shots for us so we were able to document the night.  I know some people find that cheesy, but I love it.  It's nice to have a memento of the evening.  For dinner I had the spring pea soup with bacon and lobster (brilliant), a baby beet salad (not the best I've ever had) and the seafood platter for 2 (which I proceeded to eat entirely on my own).  I washed it all down with a killer black and blue martini (vodka, rosemary and blue cheese stuffed olives).  Dar started with a caesar salad, and then enjoyed a filet and mashed potato (killer potato's).

The next day I had a facial at 9:00 and there was no way we were going to make it out of the hotel before then for breakfast so it was room service again!.  My facial turned into a facial and then a massage too so I'm glad I ate beforehand.  Now, I've been to some pretty amazing spas (the Four Seasons Maul, the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe etc) and the Encore Spa is the creme de la creme.  I was literally overwhelmed by it's beauty.  After my facial I almost cried, I just didn't want to leave, hence the last minute decision to add a massage.  There were no cell phones allowed beyond check-in, but seriously, check out their site and see for yourself, it's dreamy.

Our last full day consisted of us emptying what was left in our pockets into slot machines, a late lunch at Holsteins in the Cosmopolitan.   Which by the way, I don't get.  I mean what is all the hype over this hotel all about?  I just don't get it.  Anyways, we had originally planned on a cabana at the pool but after all the food and booze we decided to avoid swimwear like the plague and spent the money on the show instead.  Neither of us had seen a Cirque performance, so we decided on La Reve the Dream and boy what a show it was.  We went for the indulgence package which got us amazing seats, a bottle of champagne, truffles, chocolate covered strawberries and some first class entertainment.  The music was mind blowing, the stunts unbelievable.  What a great experience.

Dar before the show

As you can see we did not go on the wining spree that was our last Vegas vacation, but that's why the call it gambling.  Luckily Vegas is full of great restaurants, fancy hotels, amazing shows and all you can drink mimosas.  Until next time.