Monday, May 12, 2014

My First You-Tube Video

Guys!!!  I've made it into my first You-Tube video.  Let's just forget the fact that I'm in it for all of 5 seconds (and that I'm turning on lights and rolling up a garage door).  By now you've all heard me talk about my company moving it's corporate office to downtown San Diego.  It's awesome to finally be able to share something tangable here with you all.  This has by far been the bigest most rewarding project I've ever had the opportunity to work on and I'm just so proud of the part I played in making our move such a succcess. Hope you're all having a great day.  XO


  1. WOW...very impressive project. You guys could pretty much watch the games from your office, huh!!!

  2. Only just watched this, your new office looks amazing! That weekend overtime won't seem so bad now with the games going on haha.

    Congratulations on taking this project from start to finish!