Saturday, May 31, 2014

The School Of Life Linkup, Week 4

The School of Life

Well friends, it's time for a little Sunday school as Miriam has creatively dubbed it!  This week's first lesson is that I'm not going to learn something big and profound every week.  Some weeks will pass and I'll feel like I've learned nothing, that's not true.  Maybe I didn't learn anything life altering, but I still learned something.

Here are some of the small things I learned this week:

Don't sit outside in the sun by the pool with your ipad for too long.  It will eventually get too hot and then shut down on you.

Don't do something half way, especially if you have OCD.  Last Spring Dar and I had the pool resurfaced in this amazing turquoise pebble.  To save money we opted to keep the tile as is.  It was in newish condition and we were putting new windows in at the same time so money was flying out of here left and right.  I hate to say this, but every time I'm in the pool that's all I notice.  The old blue tile that doesn't match my pretty turquoise pebble.   

Pay attention when checking out online.  I mailed the new shoes I've been looking forward to receiving all week to someone else's house!!!  Now I have to wait even longer to receive them.

If you haven't worked out in a year, your first time back will be brutal.  I went to yoga on Friday and I swear I feel like someone punched me in the ribs a hundred times.  My upper arms are shaky.  I can barely manage to squat down.  I'm in total pain, but it feels kinda awesome. 

I really do love blue nail polish.

I'm offensive sometimes.  You guys get to see it all here on the blog.  Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad, sometimes I have good tips to share, sometimes I'm funny, sometimes I'm materialistic, sometimes I'm vulnerable and loving.  That's me.  I'm not the simplest of people but I love that I am who I really am here.  It's helped me see myself more clearly.  It's shown me all the good and the bad and I really couldn't imagine not being me here in my own space.  If you don't like it, bye bye.  For those of you who have been here and who take the good with the bad, thank you.  We may not always agree.  I may turn you off sometimes, but I appreciate that you see all of my various sides and that you accept me for who I am.  That's really all I've ever wanted and it means more to me than anything.    

So now please tell me, what have you learned this week.  Big or small anything goes.  Take care good friends and I'll see you soon.  XO.


  1. Woohoo, you posted early this week! So glad I finished my post now :)

    Offensive? I prefer the word honest and maybe even ballsy for you at times my lady, you are brave! It takes a lot to voice your opinions and be vulnerable online and you totally do it. And I love you for it. I also love your blue nail polish and have total envy right now of your outdoor pool :( lucky duck.

    I've been thinking of trying yoga for a little change. Did you do it before this?

  2. P.s. loving the new linkup picture, I just updated my post :D

  3. I love the turquoise pebble and at least the blue is complementary...but in your shoes I'd notice the same thing every time.

    I really like blue and green nail polish on other people. It always looks really weird to me on myself. That color you have on is gorgeous.

    It's great to have a space to let it all hang out. We're all imperfectly perfect! That's all we can be. If someone doesn't like it, they can go screw.

  4. I would have never thought to grab a picture of ipad :) I'm so jealous you have a pool!! OMG I feel you on the working out, I'm so inconsistent about working out every time I feel like I'm dying the day after. I prefer honesty over being fake any day...the good and the bad :)

  5. Ugh to the workout thing. I start bootcamp tomorrow and really should have been preparing!

  6. Working out after taking a break can be brutal. The first time I did yoga again after a few months my arms where so sore. Who would have thought yoga could make you so sore? But, it can be a very good and hard workout. I love blue nail polish!

  7. I love your honesty, and your posts that come straight from the heart are my absolute favourites! Don't change!!!
    I saw something on IG today that's perfect: "Don't water yourself down just because someone can't handle you at 100 Proof."
    I actually want to be more like that and stop worrying about what other people may think.

    Also: I am deeply jealous that you have your own pool! That duck seriously is a lucky ducky!

  8. I'm glad you're you on your own blog. There is a line of niceness, shall we say, that I think it's proper not to cross in mixed company, but for the most part, I think you should be able to say what you want. I enjoy people who have opinions and share them rather than just giving me a roundup of shit to buy or gifs every post. Oops, that comment might be found offensive by some. Can we still be friends?