Friday, February 28, 2014

Favorite Friday v. 12

No, Brass Honey has not been hijacked.  I'm legitimately picking a Mr. Coffee old school coffee pot as my favorite this week!  The best part, it was only $29 at Costco.  For the last 6 years I've used a single cup brewing system, gotta stay cool, gotta stay relevant right?  Don't want to end up like my 75 year old grandma who can't send a text message.  Anyways,  I swear I hated the switch from day 1.  Sure, it's nice not to have to clean a pot, but the novelty of that goes away real quick and all you're left with is coffee that tastes like shit (even when you don't use the cups, which btw are bad of the environment).  For someone who really loves coffee and drinks in black, it's not a match made in heaven.  I managed to break two systems and swore I'd never buy another.  When I say this baby at my local Costco I got all excited.  The first cup I brewed was the best cup of coffee I've had at home in years.  No joke, when I walk into the kitchen and see her, my face lights up and I all warm and fuzzy feeling.  So long modern technology.  This girl is so glad to be back to a glass pot.  

And just because I couldn't help myself and some of you may want something a little more pretty to feast your eyes on, these babies were runner up!  Quality is OUTSTANDING.  Comfort is totally unmatched.  And their cute as all get out.  Until the rain started here (yesterday) I had been wearing them non-stop.  If you're in market for a tan pair of sandals that will match EVERYTHING, check these out.  Pricy yes, but I swear the quality and comfort are unreal. 

Happy Friday friends.  I hope you all have the best weekend.  Relax, enjoy and I'll see you back here real soon. XO


  1. i have a keurig and i love it! sadly, i don't drink coffee anymore but getting this coffee machine was definitely a great investment. a good cup of coffee goes a long way.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Ha! Too funny :) I like your fave of the week! I can smell the coffee brewing now......

  3. This was too "got to stay cool, got to stay relevant"
    Yes, your coffee making methods are highly scored in your cool factor rating. I just got a text alerting me your rating has been taken down by 5 for this post, but then was increased by 10 for inclusion of the sandal but then that was dinged by 2 because you admitted to wearing the same shoe "non-stop" and for allowing weather to effect clothing choice :)
    Happy Friday!

    1. I'm a drip-coffee girl all the way, always have been! We got a Keurig at work a few years ago and I was shocked at how terrible I found the coffee to taste. There's nothing better than a big 'ol glass pot for many, many refills!

  4. Coffee makers deliver instant happiness in a cup. I can't think of a better part of my day than hearing my coffee maker beep first thing in the morning. It gives me the same endorphin's as exercise :)

    Did you see the tornado warning for San Diego? Madness. Hope you're staying warm and dry today!!

  5. I feel like coffee machines with pods just aren't good quality. I mean, we bought a Keurig and spent a shit ton of money, only for it to die a year later. My mom has had her regular pot for YEARS.

  6. LOL Shannon! I literally clicked on and was like 'huh?' a kitchen item? Haha. Can't beat a quality coffee! P.s. sandals are super cute!

  7. We have a Cuisinart. I like the coffee just as well as I like the pot coffee I drink at work. In my book the best coffee I've ever had is from 7-11 for $1.25. I have never figured out how to make it as good as them with a pot or anything else so I'm thinking it must all be in the grounds.

  8. I loved our old coffeemaker, but it recently died and I'm not a fan of our new one. oh well. we have a keurig too, which is nice when i'm in a rush but I try not to use it so much since the pods get pricy!