Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nordstrom February Into The Blue Picks

Yea!  It's the most wonderful time of the month, my Nordstrom catalog arrived.  It was hard to narrow down my picks this month.  Spring is definitely on the horizon and everything just looks and feels so fresh.  Enjoy friends.  

So you may have caught on by now, I have a thing for gold shoes.  When I saw these Halogen flats, I got all excited.  The stripe pair are super cute too aren't they?

And yes, yes and yes.  I love this outfit head to toe, but the skirt is especially dreamy.  Bailey 44 is a bit pricy but the brand puts out such great quality pieces, I can justify the price.

 I actually screamed repeatedly when I say this Burberry wrap watch.  By far my favorite item in this month's catalog.  Now imagine me yelling "D, D, D, come in here.  Get off the hopper already.  I've got to show you this."  Ha, poor guy.  I really do need this watch, hello, anniversary present!

Hello hot cubicle worker.  This look is amazing, but I'm especially loving the slit pants,  I mean talk about taking a basic to a whole new level.  The shoes are absolutely gorgeous too!  Promotion please. 

Woohoo, and last but not least, Caslon shorts are back.  Ladies, if you're old like me and you don't want to prance around town wearing daisy dukes, these are your shorts!  P.S. this is a public service announcement, please don't wear cotton shorts with high heels, you just look silly. 

 Take a look at this months catalog and let me know what caught your eye.  XO


  1. That Burberry watch is a-mazing! And I don't even wear watches, but I would wear this one.
    But, but... no short shorts for us any more? What if they fully cover your butt cheeks? Is that acceptable?
    I'm not ready to give them up yet... ;-)

  2. Well, my wish list just got a bit out of control!

  3. I like those shorts a lot! No Daisy Dukes up in here.