Sunday, February 23, 2014

Work Week Dinners From The Queen Of Take-Out

So back in November I wrote, Thanksgiving Recipes From The Queen of Take-Out.  If the message wasn't loud and clear there, I briefly touched on my inabilities and/or lack of desire to spend time in the kitchen here too.  A girls gotta eat though and as much as I'd love to eat take-out 5 nights a week, my wallet won't allow it.  Thankfully there are a shit ton of frozen meals and precooked options at the market these days.  Sadly I'd say about 90% of them taste like garbage or are packed with things that will allegedly kill us.  Have you seen the latest about how yoga mats and our bread are made using the same chemical???  Anyways, today I'm sharing the products I've found that are quick, easy and actually taste good.  The things that get D and I through the work week without starving or eating cereal every night.

First up and probably my favorite work night option are these little babies.  They are so flavorful and cook up in no time.  Last week I served them with white rice and roasted brussel sprouts (both of which took longer to cook then the meatballs themselves).  If you haven't tried these yet, do it, they are absolutely delicious and my top recommendation.

Next up and also delicious, may I add addicting (I've been known to eat an entire box of 8 by myself on more than one occasion) are these Whole Foods Tandoori Chicken Somosas.  Just delightful and they cook up in only 12 minutes.  Pair these with a nice salad and you're good to go.  Did I mention that they're ready in only 12 minutes!

I always, always have a few of these in the freezer.  I'm not crazy about t.v dinners, but these are great in a pinch and of all the t.v dinners I've tried (lets just say a lot), they are the absolute best!

When I really feel like rolling out the red carpet I'll cook up a can of Whole Foods spicy black beans, a pot of white rice and then I'll add a few cans of Bumble Bee jalapeno tuna in olive oil.  I'm usually not one to eat left overs but this keeps really well and is great for lunch the next day.  The jalapeno tuna is so flavorful and the olive oil gives the beans and rice a great coating.  Delish.

Couple these quick and easy meals with take-out from the local taco shop Carmens and a pizza from Mom and Doms and you now know how we stay alive.  You can thank me for making you all feel like domestic goddesses.  Now help a sister out and share your quick, easy and tasty work week dinner ideas. 


  1. I'm stuck in a huge dinner rut, so these will come in handy! What I really like are frozen veggies from Green Giant: they are called "Simply Steam", and I love the "Lightly Seasoned Garden Vegetable Medley". It cooks in the microwave in 4 minutes and has roasted potatoes, snap peas and red peppers in it. Yum!
    I also quite like canned Clam Chowder (Campbell's), and if I feel fancy I mix in some cooked salmon and fresh veggies.

  2. The meatballs sound interesting. We made meatballs this past week and I was not a fan of them. Love the "queen of take-out" title :)

  3. I love those meatballs and the Amy's dinner. I'll definitely have to try those Tandoori Chicken Samosa.

    If you have a crock pot, and easy meal to make is throw a few chicken breast or boneless thighs into it (frozen even) then add bbq sauch, a teriykai marinade, or a jar of salsa. Then when you get home just shred the chicken. Throw it over rice, one a bun, or in a tortilla. It's super versatile. You could do this with pork too.

  4. I need to get a microwave- everyone raves about those Amy's dinners!