Friday, September 13, 2013

Love It, Or Leave It? The Dropped Waist Edition.

So, I'm actually kind of having a hard time with this one.  When someone says drop waist, my mind automatically goes to this.

Pretty scary right?  I'm finding it hard to get images of Kmart Easter dresses with big lace bibs and dropped waists out of my mind!!!  This one should be a no brainer, but it's never that easy.

We learn from our mistakes (bye, bye big shoulder pads) and we reinvent, making what was once old and tired, new and modern.  Our favorite designers create pieces that catch our eye and ultimately challenge our ideas. 

I mean look at the leather skirt on this Bailey 44 number.  By incorporating one of Fall's biggest trends, this drop waist dress suddenly feels new and relevant.    
And this sleeveless Alice + Olivia dress (in my new favorite color) is perfect for the office or for a night out.  I can totally see this being worn with a killer pair of black booties.

This RED Valentino dress is a stunner too.  The pleats, paired with the cult favorite Rockstud, definitely make this dress feel fresh.  

As if that wasn't enough to convince me, I see some of my favorite bloggers, who's style I totally admire, sporting a drop waist and looking absolutely AMAZING!

So why do I still think of this, which sadly resembles the dress I wore to my first homecoming dance in the early 90's (baby's breath in my hair and all).

All things considered I have to say LEAVE IT (back in the 80's where all things bad go to die).  

Are you guys with me, or are you loving the modern take on the drop waist?  Let me know what you think. 

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  1. I'm loving the modern take on the drop waist. Thank you sharing for such beautiful dress ...She is so pretty. This dress is so gorgeous and luxurious.