Thursday, September 3, 2015



Finally finding the perfect chambery shirt to replace the one you tore more than a year ago and being super pumped to get it home and washed so that I can start wearing the hell out of it only to find that the sensor is still attached.

That one car that just has to cut in front of you while you're merging onto the highway.

Picking up sushi for lunch and the cashier asking you if you want your change, $0.35.  Yes I want my fricken change!

Sorting through Halloween decorations to figure out what new items you might need for the year and having a dozen people ask you if you're decorating ALREADY.

Being excited to come home to a frame you ordered for your Taylor Swift poster only to discover that it's a total piece of shit.

Falling asleep while meditating and waking up in the morning with a stiff neck because you slept sitting up.

Ugh, all in a days work!  I feel better already though so thank you for letting me vent.  And the pictures, we'll they're from our trip to the Caribbean this Spring.  Something that was definitely NOT annoying.

What's got you peeved today?


  1. No early dismissal when I thought there would be one (or a later one than I thought, rather, because I'm just up and leaving soon), too many things I said yes to this weekend without realizing they were too close to other things, letting my flowers get crappy and not doing the upkeep I should've done this summer.

  2. The first pic legit looks like a stock photo. Gorgeous and certainly not annoying in the slightest.

  3. all of these would annoy the hell out of me!! today, i've been annoyed at my internet. it's been so slow and sometimes even crashing. :( what it can't handle 100 open tabs?? haha