101 in 1001

I've never been a fan of bucket lists.  Jotting a bunch of things down and expecting myself to work towards them given an infinite amount of time just isn't going to work for me.  I do my best work under pressure and I like deadlines.  

When I saw Sara's list of 101 things to do in 1001 days I got excited.  As of late, I'm really focusing on looking inward and pushing myself to grow by trying new things.  A thousand and one days is long enough to accomplish somethings, big and small,  without losing my attention.  So here goes.  I'll be tracking my progress on the 101 in 1001 page on my top navigation bar.  I hope you'll follow along.

Start date: Wednesday, September 18, 2013
End date: Wednesday, June 15, 2016

1. Donate blood
2. Go to the beach and take a walk at least once a month for a year (10/13, 11/13, 12/8, 1/31, 2/1)
3. Brush my cats every week (EPIC FAIL after the first week)
4. Build my dream closet in our 3rd bedroom
5. Learn how to mow the lawn
6. Learn how to operate the grill
7. Take a pilates class
8. Take a trip to Austin
9. Save enough money to buy a Prada handbag
10. Update the picture frames in our house
11. Find the right shade of red lipstick  (9/23/13, Bobbi Brown's Old Hollywood)
12. Learn how to use our camera manually
13. Take a long weekend and go to San Francisco
14. Try a Manhattan, Sidecar and Old-Fashioned
15. Wear a pair of fake eyelashes for a day
16. Learn how to use chopsticks
17. Go see the Nutcracker
18. Watch every season of Breaking Bad
19. Spend an entire day with Heather
20. Go sledding
21. Meet Bethenny Frankel
22. Wash my car once a month for a year
23. Inspire someone else to take the 101 in 1001 challenge  Woohoo, I've inspired Mariah over at Food, Booze & Baggage!  Be sure to check out her amazing list.
24. Have a slumber party with Ariel, Grace and Zoey
25. Make smores
26. Go see Joe Rogan's standup routine
27. Hike 3 mountains I've never hiked before
28. Get my teeth whitened  Trays purchased in December 2013
29. Spend a weekend away with my Mom
30. Find a volunteer opportunity and start giving my time
31. Learn to read braille
32. Re-read my favorite books from high school, The Catcher in the Rye, 1984, and To Kill a Mockingbird
33. Buy a canvas and paint something
34. Buy a leopard print belt
35. Make it an entire year without cracking the screen on my iphone
36. Go to a Penn State football game
37. Go horseback riding
38. Go fishing with my Dad
39. Replace our dining room light fixture
40. Spend the day in Balboa Park
41. Buy my first cashmere sweater  Eileen Fisher courtesy of my amazing sister in law.
42. Donate my old eyeglasses
43. Host a Christmas party
44. Plant a vegetable garden
45. Take Evee to Disneyland
46. Send Jack and Reagan a surprise package once a year for no reason
47. Subscribe to InStyle magazine
48. Replace the ugly purple curtains in our bedroom
49. Find a new dry cleaner
50. Put $50 on black the next time I'm in Vegas
51. Get rid of my Facebook account
52. Paint my nails emerald green (OPI, Live And Let Die)
53. Jump on a trampoline  Had a blast and got a great workout jumping on the trampoline with Jack and Reagan Christmas week of 2013.
54. Climb a tree  9/28/2013, I forgot this was on the list and came in to add a tally mark to #70.  What a pleasant surprise.  I climbed the orange tree at my parent's house over the weekend while playing hide and seek with my niece and nephew! 
55. Make a homemade ice cream cake for Darren's birthday
56. Go to Julian in the Fall
57. Make hot cocoa from scratch
58. Celebrate NYE at home over a candlelit dinner
59. Build a fort and camp out in the living room on a rainy day
60. See 1 concert a year, of my choosing
61. Plan a trip to Chicago with my mother-in-law
62. Buy a bike
63. Go to the movies alone the next time I want to see something and have nobody to go with
64. Adopt a pound kitty
65. Host a pool party
66. Light sparklers on the 4th of July
67. Find a new therapist
68. Get a passport
69.  Spruce up my cubicle
70. Workout once a week for all 143 weeks (6 of 143)  (FAIL after week 6)
71. Gain enough momentum with Brass Honey to partner with one of my favorite brands (i.e. Kendra Scott, Nordstrom, Madewell)
72. Coordinate a food truck crawl
73. Try navy blue eyeliner  (9/23/13, Bobbi Brown's Rich Navy Shadow as a liner)
74. Learn how to create graphics prettier than the 101 in 1001 one I created above
75. Swim in a lake
76. Pay off the BMW
77. Make the 2 hour drive back home alone (I haven't done this since my car accident in 2004) September 28.29, 2013
78. Explore a local museum
79. Spend the afternoon in a bookstore
80. Make this for Darren using a deck of cards from the Bellagio
81. Make Kristi's homemade pizza
82. Buy a Clarisonic  Courtesy of my other amazing sister in law (dam, I have nice sister in laws)
83.  Have lunch with Jared
84. Dance my butt off at my cousin Katie's wedding
85. Drink eggnog and brandy
86. Get Liz to drink a spiked apple cider at Thanksgiving 2013  (FAIL, didn't make it home for Thanksgiving)
87. Come up with 101 things to do in 1001 days  September 18, 2013
88. Buy a Kate Spade handbag to find out what all they hype is about
89.  Go wine tasting in Temecula
90. Buy an everyday watch
91. Watch Beaches and call my childhood friend, Erin
92. Make a new friend
93. Read Helen Keller's biography
94. Go a month without meat
95. Get a mani/pedi with Laura and Colleen
96. Write my own Notebook (love story)
97. Eat a dozen apple cider donuts in a day
98. Ride a roller coaster
99. Wear blue tinted contact lenses for week
100. Find a new job
101. Get a massage

And some fun pictures of completed items!

#11, Find the right shade of red lipstick


  1. Hello again :)

    Ahh I love this!! I'm working on a "30 things to do before 30" post but I don't think 30 will be enough! Think il have a lottt more! I'm almost finished to kill a mocking bird - I started it in school and never finished it so I made it my mission to read it to the end! Breaking bad - I literally crammed this series in the last two months haha. Season one and two weren't great but it definitely gets better! I actually featured it in one of my posts http://notlikethemoviesblog.com/2013/11/this-month-november/
    I'm also working on learning how to use my new DSLR manually maybe we can share some tips/support each other's attempts :) and pleaseee as someone who really misses beaches pleaseee don't take it for granted. Never have I appreciated one more than now when I'm living in a mining town with barely a drop of water!

    Sarah-Louise x

  2. Super fun! Good luck with your endeavors. I love that lip stick :) I'm glad I found you, I'll be sure to stop by often!

  3. I love that you're doing this! I need to re-vamp my 1001 list :) Looks like you've got a lot of good stuff on here!

  4. Your list helps kick start mine! Have fun progressing :)