About Me

Hi, I'm Shannon
A California girl living back in San Diego after a 4 year adventure that took me to New York and Florida.  Since coming home to California I've made sure to soak up all of the wonderful things this great state has to offer.  The things I took for granted before leaving. 
From 8:00 to 5:00 you can find me in the coolest office building known to man (I may be a little biased).  Working downtown and in the East Village particularly is amazing!  There's just so much energy.  There's always someplace new to try for a great lunch or happy hour.  A few of my favorites  are Cafe Chloe, Burger Lounge and Cafe De L'Opera

In my off time I'm a homebody, food junkie, cat loving, coffee drinking, cocktail sipping, married woman who lives a pretty damn typical life. 
Want to know more about me?  I sure hope you do.  While these About Me pages are great, I think you'll get to know me a heck of a lot better by reading a few of my favorite posts.  They say a lot more about me than anything I could sum up here.  So go on now, get to reading.

Want to chat, I'd love to hear from you.  Email me anytime thebrasshoneyblog@gmail.com