Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Closet Envy

When someone comes to our home for the first time they're always in awww over my closet.  Not because it's beautiful and full of designer pieces, but because it's BIG and has endless potential.  Potential I'm definitely not tapping into.  When we first bought our house, just over a year ago, we met with a few custom closet companies.  We had the room laid out and designed and when it came time to pull the trigger, we came to our senses and realized that the 40 year old windows needed replaced more than I needed my dream closet.  Stupid sensibility.  

 This is what the closet looks like today.

Metal rolling rack.
Men's tie hanger as a necklace display.

 Metal shoe rack that clearly wasn't meant for high heels.

My beloved handbag collection just sitting on the top shelf.

I've spared you the completely hideous parts like the cat calendar TACKED up on the wall and the 2 inch hole in the ceiling.  

Did I mention how much I've been loving the minty green on the walls.  Everyday it takes me back to a not so pleasant time in my life when I had to briefly move back home and into my little brothers old room.  Every morning for the first month I woke up wanting to gag from what I referred to as the Pepto Bismol blue on the walls.  Color can have such an impact on our moods and the dull drum of this mint is wiping me out.  I'd much prefer a pallet of deep dark jewel tones or the calming colors of creams and whites.

Someday, in the not so distant future, I will have my dream closet.  A feminine space all of my own.

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