Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things That Make Me Go Ugh...

So I had no intentions of posting today, but after walking into the public restroom here at work I felt inspired.  Public restrooms aren’t particularly inspiring places, so you’re probably thinking what the heck.  

Anyways, it’s business as usual.  I walk in to do what I need to do and to my complete and utter disgust someone’s in the fourth stall talking on their cell phone.  This isn’t my first rodeo, in fact it’s pretty safe to say this happens at least once a week.  Each time it does I want to make disgusting fart sounds, flush the toilet a few extra times, or do something totally gross to make it clear to the person on the phone that talking in a public restroom probably isn’t a good idea.  It’s one thing in the privacy of your home, but in a public restroom while a complete stranger uses the stall a foot away from you, come on.

So that’s what brought me to my idea for today’s post.  Five Things That Make Me Go Ugh!

1.       People talking on their cell phones in public restrooms.  Don’t do it.

2.       Guys on Pinterest.  I’m sorry guys, but I happened to love it when Pinterest was just us girls.  It felt like our own little secret club.

3.       Guys that go with their girls to the nail salon and then don’t get a service.  It’s perfectly fine if you want to make a date of it and go get pedicures with your love, but ladies please don’t bring your guys along to sit and wait for you.  It’s just weird.

4.       Having to go to Walmart, enough said.

5.       Rude Sales Associates.  I was all distraught (I know, the dramatics right) when I went to my local Nordstrom only to discover that that the Maggie dress I featured in this post was sold out, EVERYWHERE.  The icing on the cake was finding out that it’s backordered until February (hello Valentine’s Day, only it’s not even on their website now).  Anyways, I’ll get over it, I already have, but Instead of letting me down easy the SA went on and on about how great the dress was.  About how everyone was looking for it.  About how fantastic it’s looked on everyone who had bought it, blah, blah, blah.  Now I was a SA in college, a good one, and I know that this SA could have made a sale and saved the day by recommending something equally as fabulous.  It's Nordstrom for god's sake.  That wasn't the only amazing dress in the place.  Instead the SA was a snarky little ***** and I left feeling annoyed because I missed out on the dress and I had to deal with a rude SA.

We’ve all got little things that tick us off or get under our skin.  What little things makes you go UGH?

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