Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Guide For Him, By Him

Lantern | Hoodie | Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs | ipad | Guitar | Lamp | Xbox 1 | Boots | Slippers

So D didn't actually put this post together, but he was kind enough to share his Christmas list with me.  My guess is that shopping for most guys probably isn't an easy feat, so I thought some inside scoop might be nice.  D has some unconventional interests (mainly his love of Slayer) but it would be easy to swap the Slayer guitar for memorabilia from your guys favorite band, or the Philadelphia Flyers hoodie for one from your dudes favorite sports team.  Let's face it ladies, while a v-neck sweater and box of cigars might work for some guys, gift giving isn't one size fits all.  These men are more complicated than we give them credit for.

I'd LOVE to hear what some of your best gift giving ideas for your guys have been.  What went over well?  Share your successes with us.  
And now a very special gift for one of you.  Let me first say I loved reading all of your "little blog" recommendations.  I added many of them to my reading list, so a big thank you!.  And now for our winner.  Congratulations first ever giveaway winner, ROBIN WILLIAMS.  Check your inbox Robin

See you all back here Friday with my Friday Favorite.

P.S for you new bloggers.  I wanted to share that I used for today's giveaway (I used the list randomizer) and it couldn't have been easier.  Bonus, it's free.  I looked into rafflecopter, but there's a fee associated and let's be real, this is a low budget operation :).  It also didn't seem very user friendly.  Anyways, if you plan on hosting any sort of giveaway, give a try.   


  1. I knit my husband a hat for Christmas :P

    1. Go Carolynn! My grandma taught D and I to knit on one of our visits. Let's just say that if anyone here is knitting a hat, it's D knitting one for me :)