Sunday, May 18, 2014

The School Of Life, Week 2

Life Lessons Linkup

Welcome back to the School of Life.  Just like last week, this week proved to be full of learning experiences.  I mean did you know that...

1. Chipotle has fajita mix!!!  How in the heck did I only just discover that this week?  As the self proclaimed Queen of Takeout, I pick up Chippotle pretty much once a week, I have for years now (it's gotta be better for me than a fast food burger right?).  If nothing else this should go to show you just how observant I am, #notatall.  Fajita mix added to a shredded pork bowl = amazing!

2. You should always focus on the task at hand.  It's fair to say I've been a bit of a soup sandwich this week.  We women are known for our badass multitasking abilities, it's one of our strongest atributes, but sometimes I think it's one of our greatest downfalls too.  The mind can only handle so much. 

The proof is in the pudding my friends.

On Tuesday I couldn't remember if I took my meds, so I took them again, and then I couldn't remember if I took them after that, so I'm pretty sure I took a thrid dose.  Wednesday and Thursday weren't much better, I had to turn the car around both days to make sure I had closed the garage door.  Two fricken days in a row.  On Friday I lost a very expensive ticket to a baseball game and then my car in the parking garage. 

Focus is key. 

3. It's time for a one piece, or at least a tankini.  I've been saying this for a few years now, but it's actually time.  I saw a horrid picture of myself recently and literally wanted to hide.  When did I get so chunky?  I like food too much to stop eating like I do and as much as I'd love to be all gung ho about going to the gym, I'm just not.  I think knowing you're ready for a one piece/tankini is kind of like knowing you've found the "one".  I was all wishy washy in the past, because it wasn't right, now that it is, I can totally embrace it.  What do you think about these (here, here and here).  Do yall wear a two piece still or have you transitioned into a one piece/tankini?

4. Needing/embracing the one piece/tankini makes me feel old.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

5. Learnt is a word.  I didn't know that until last weeks linkup. 

‘Learnt’ or ‘learned’?

These are alternative forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. ‘Learnt’ is more common in British English, and ‘learned’ in American English.

5. Drinking extra water on super hot days is imperative.  San Diego has been HOT, and no, not because of all the fires.  That's a super terrible joke I've heard at least 5 times this week, and news flash, it's totally insensetive.  I mean people have lost their fricken homes through no fault of their own.  Get a grip. 

Anyways, we reached 100 degrees a few times this week.  One hundred degrees in America's finest city is just crazy.  After 3 or 4 days of this madness I had clearly become dehydrated (probably had something to do with me taking too many damn diaretics on Tuesday too).  So yeah, Thursday I go to get up from my desk and bam, I almost walk into a pole. 

Now let me be clear, this does happen on occasion, like when I'm not paying attention (see #2).  I swear this was differnt, I thought I had verdigo.  A coworker went and bought me some dramamine, five or six glasses of water later, and a quick rest and I was feeling fine.  Dehydration is not cool people.  Drink water when it's hot.  

Here's hoping I never stop learning.


  1. I'm on the hunt for my first tankini. No one piece though... you know how I feel about camel toe!

  2. Girrrl, I've worn a tankini for years. I love them. I feel a lot more comfortable.

  3. Still a two piece girl...though I think a tankini is a good addition to the swimsuit collection. Sometimes, I think about a one piece b/c I see a cute one but I'm never that comfortable in one. Yes, staying hydrated is important! Hope you are feeling better! Maybe you need one of those weekly pill boxes (now that shouldn't make you feel old) ;)

  4. What a week you've had! You lost your car, tickets AND walked into a pole? Yikes! I guess the heat can do that to people.
    I'm still clinging on to the bikini, mainly because I have an irrational dislike for tankinis (can't explain why).
    Those one-pieces you showed though, they are amazing! Sooner or later I have to face the ugly truth that it's not all bloat (my #1 excuse), but actual fat on my tummy. So far I'm still in denial though!

  5. Oh dear this sounds like a very pants week :( Onesie please! I'm gonna bet it's the heat making you like this. Take care of yourself hunni, plenty of rest, water and TLC!

    Oh hunni I'm all about the one piece! And probably have been since I was about 18?! I accept my body in these moments and realise trying to look good in a two piece will only depress me and hurt people's eyes. And I'm fussy about those too. I got a really nice one though with side cut outs which was really flattering.

    Learnt is from my land lol though I did go all American and spell it 'learned' in my post just for you gals haha.

    And gosh those are horrible jokes, I'm pretty sure if you said those in Oz you'd be gunned down or something. With the amount of bush fires here and drought.

    My link looks a bit funny? Like a big image on it? not sure if it's just my work computer...

    Full of wisdom as always lovely XOXO

  6. I have been off in the focus department too lately so if you find a cure for it, let me know. And 100 degrees is crazy for you guys! Um I have worn a tankini since high school. I got old really early!

  7. I rotate between a tankini and bikini depending on the day. Not that I look any different day by day but more how I feel.

  8. the fajita mix at chipotle is so delish! and 100 degrees is no joke - definitely stay hydrated!

  9. I could prob do a tankini but a one piece. I don't know. I feel like it's really hard to look slim in a one piece for some reason. The heat is GONE!! I kinda miss it. : )

  10. I used to wear one pieces all the time. I probably wouldn't wear one at this point though. I would go with the tankini for sure.

    Drinking lots of water is so important especially when it is really hot out. Dehydration can be the worst.

  11. I'm sort of in denial, I haven't accepted the fact that I would probably feel much better about myself in a tankini over a bikini so I've avoided all bodies of water for the past few months. Given that San Diego is getting so damn hot I think it might be time to accept it and move on though.

    Tankini search begins NOW!

    -Erika Ping,