Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Cards

I'm not sure why, but I'm always late to the game, ALWAYS.  I think you must already know that though.  I mean unless you're living under a rock, you're not coming here to get the latest and greatest trends. 

Anyways, for year's now I've stood around on my soap box shouting loud and proud about how much better I was than everyone else because I still sent out "real" Christmas cards.  You know the ones with a generic message and picture on the front that you open up and then write a personal note inside.  Meanwhile I've also been shouting about how lazy the people who send out family photo Christmas cards are.  I mean most of them come with nothing more than the families name printed on the bottom.  

Seriously though, who do I think I am.

Well, what I've realized is that while a personal note at Christmas time is nice, so is seeing someone's family.  This year, for the first year ever, the Kerns family will be sending out photo Christmas cards with a handwritten note on the back  It's the best of both worlds no?  

Below are a few of my favorite options, and boy oh boy are there a lot of options out there. 

   I love this one from Tiny Prints because while the message is Chrimstmasy (Feel The Cheer) it's not so Christmasy that you couldn't leave it up on your fridge year round if you wanted to.

I love the simplicity of this one is.  

Oh god, and this one.  Now, D and I don't have children so this card probably isn't the card for us (although I could always use a picture of D and I playing Rock Band) but how fricken cute is this.  Creative as all get out.

It's A Wonderful Life!  Only the best Christmas movie ever (after Griswold's Christmas Vacation of course).  You definitely can't go wrong with this card.

And last but not least this gorgeous classic.  You've gotta love Etsy.  

I'd love to hear from you :)  Which type of Christmas cards do you send out? 


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