Friday, November 22, 2013

It Wasn't Just A Dream, The Kendra Scott LUXE Launch Party

Hi guys, it's me again!  Now don't go getting use to me posting twice a day, ok?  The chances of this happening again are slim to none.  It's just been such a great week for me personally.  The work weeks come to an end, I'm home chugging sipping my first glass of red wine and all is right with the world.  As if that wasn't enough, to my absolute delight, the pictures I've been waiting for from the LUXE launch party have arrived.  I couldn't be happier to share them and my experience with you.

 So, first things first, you should know that this was my first visit to a Kendra Scott store.  For the last two years, I've purchased all of my KS pieces from either my local Nordstrom or the KS website.  The Newport Beach location opened earlier this year, but it's an hour from San Diego and I just hadn't made the trip.  Now that know how fabulous an experience it is, I'll be back.  

I arrived just before 6:00 to a red carpet, velvet ropes and a very warm welcome.  I have to say I was a bit intimidated walking into an event where I knew absolutely no one, but any apprehension I had went right out the door.  The KS team was amazing and so down to earth and every one of the guests I met were incredibly friendly and just as excited to be there as I was.

The store itself was stunning and bonus, one of the KS team were lovely enough to help me navigate the Color Bar.  If you don't know what the Color Bar is and you've ever wanted to design your own jewelry, take a look.  It's unreal.  

There were little bites passed throughout the evening and of course cupcakes (because what's an event full of girls without cupcakes!)

Kendra gifted us with the necklace I featured in my first ever blog post (here), along with a little bag of pastel colored M&M's, perfect for the drive home.

 Servers passed champagne and the bartender mixed martini's all night.

 And look at me trying on the bracelet I featured in today's Favorite Friday!

 Each piece from the LUXE collection was absolutely to die for.  

And then there was Kendra.  I've been thinking a lot about my brief time with her over the last few days.  This may sound lame, but there really are no words to express how much meeting her meant to me.  I first fell in love with KS jewelry, but over the year's I've really grown to admire and look up to Kendra as an entrepreneur, a woman and a person.  Her words "Don't ever give up" keep running through my head.  I've always felt like that was such generic advice, but when she looked me in the eyes and muttered those words I felt for the first time like they actually meant something.  As hard as this first few months of blogging have been and as many times as I've thought about quitting, I'm so glad I haven't.  These tough times are meant to weed out those who don't want it as much.  I will not let fear and self doubt defeat me. 
Dreams really do come true.  Have a great weekend!

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