Thursday, June 26, 2014

While The Cats Away, The Mice Do Play!

So Darren's traveling for work this week and in less than 72 hours I've managed to:

Stay up past midnight three nights in a row.  I'm normally in bed by 10:00.

Spend $200 at Pottery Barn.

Have every window in the house open while the AC is running.  I love fresh air, but I like to be cool too.  #shameless

Have a friend over to the house.

Throw caution to the wind by eating chips and drinking wine in bed.  Oh wait, that happens when he's here too.  Only, wait for it...there's nobody to complain about crumbs in the bed!

Eliminate the use of dishes.  Other than my wine glass of course.  I will add however that I've used the same glass two nights in a row.  Eating over the sink isn't half bad :)

Realize that taking the trash out to the curb sucks.  I should have thought about that this weekend when we loaded 4 cans full of yard waste.  When Dar dies, I'm moving to a condo with a trash chute.

Become addicted to yet another totally shitty reality show, Ladies of London.

Grocery shop like a weirdo: wine, candy, chips, fresh bread lunch meat and persian cucumbers?

Treat myself to fancy coffee drinks every morning.

Miss my man.  After the second night I was more than ready for D to come home.  I'm especially missing him today, on his 42nd birthday!  It sucks not celebrating with him.  We'll be sure to make up for it this weekend!

So now, two things I need to know from you:
1. How do you spend your time when your man's away?
2. My grocery store visit was clearly ridiculous.  What are your staple items when you're flying solo?


  1. HA! Love it :)

    When my man is away I watch all my girly and trashy tv shows and movies, and shoe shop :) No sneaking in bags necessary!

    Food staple....... I go much more basic when he's not around - no meat and potatoes meals, but meals more appetizer style (crackers and cheese, fruit, etc..)

    Great post :)

  2. I loooove being home alone! Since I don't really cook, I end up with lots of takeout or random frozen foods (like garlic bread or something that isn't really a meal). I will watch garbage on the couch that he hates - lots of TLC and HGTV. And I sleep everywhere and anytime - he is not a fan of my love of naps!

  3. When my guy is gone I binge on wedding shows, clean the house top to bottom, and go shopping anywhere and everywhere I haven't had time to when he's around.

  4. Things change for me when he's gone too. Very little dishes and taking out the trash really does suck!! I binge watch random stuff on You Tube on my i pad until the wee hours of the night.

  5. Watching girly shows/movies, and doing beauty upkeep :) I usually eat popcorn and/or cheese/crackers. Sounds like you are having fun. Boo on missing D's birthday...that stinks!!

  6. It sounds like you had a great time! except for missing your guy.

  7. Your grocery shopping list sounds like mine when he's away! Except for the Persian cucumbers - what are persian cucumbers?
    And yes, I'm like the rest of the ladies here: lots of girly TV, SATC reruns and chick flicks. It's heaven! (But only for a couple of days, and then it quickly stops being fun.)

  8. I live alone although J is here quite a bit. I believe in paper plates for the most part! And definitely hate taking out the trash too...

  9. Shannon! I have missed you hunni, and you never fail to make me laugh! Totally NOT judging you right now, just more loving ;)

    Usually it's girly shows for me and ice cream or nutella without the semi-judging eyes.

  10. And happy belated birthday to D! Of course, pants to be apart for it :(