Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Real Woman

Yep, that's what I'm calling myself today.  A real woman isn't afraid to share all of the random, lame and disgusting shit about herself.  She farts in front of her man.  She confesses to chin hair and anything and everything else she may feel like sharing at the time, but especially on Wednesdays.  So here you go, this weeks confessions!

I was all proud of myself for choosing a quinoa salad with roasted chicken over a burger and fries for lunch yesterday.  I even tooted my own horn on Facebook and Instagram.  Go me!  What you didn't see was the bag of frozen tator tots I had for dinner.  I'm such a gourmet.

I totally planned to hook up with the always fabulous Amanda for Shit Men Say, but after a long day at work and a bag of tots, I was out like a light at 7 o'clock.

I take super long baths, like we're talking 2-3 hours and 3-4 tubs full of fresh water later.  Guilty pleasure?  No, that would require I feel guilty.

I've started growing some strange baby hairs at the front of my hairline.  They look crazy when my hairs up in a pony.  Wth is going on here, anyone know???
Look at the hiars on the right side of the pictures?
 I smoked last weekend.  It was great, but I absolutely don't want to make it a habit.  But I doooo want to make it a habit.  Somebody help me please.  Seriously, I went more than 6 years without a cigarette...this sucks.

I'm a shut in.  Unless I'm expecting you, if you knock on my door I'm not answering it.  Sorry Girl Scouts.

And now in closing, I will shamelessly sell some of my gently used goods here on my blog.
Red and tortoiseshell Ray-Bans , $60
All-black Ray-Bans (seen here), $60 SOLD
Clairsonic Mia 2, $100
Want more pictures or have questions, email me.  Buyer pays shipping but I manage a mail room (amongst other things) so I'm pretty sure I can get you a good deal :)

That's it for today y'all (I'm clearing watching too much Southern Charm because I live in California and have no other reason to be talking like that).  Confess right along with me why don't you.  


  1. I've always had short hairs along my hairline--I'm more surprised by people who don't!

  2. We had sweet potato tater tots with turkey burgers last week that were really good. Resist the urge to smoke. I don't know what it's like to want to but I imagine it's probably not worth it in the end. I haven't taken a bath in years.

  3. What is the deal with baby hairs?! I've always had them and hate wearing my hair up because of them. And I just generally feel like my hair looks crazy because I always have random little pieces along my hairline going every which way. Sorry you've had to join the ranks :(

  4. No smoking!! It's a filthy waste of money habit...seriously it's horrible for not pick it back up. Make a jar and put the money you would use to buy a pack in there or when you get the urge and save towards something REALLY nice. Or just think about what you can buy with the money you may have to use towards lung cancer treatments. Don't do it!!

    Ok, crazy rant over :) I also do not answer the door unless it is expected. I'll have to look up this Southern Charm show.

  5. i'm the same. if the doorbell rings and i'm not expecting anyone, i don't answer. the one time i did, this guy came saying that he needs to inspect some shit so i told him to come back DURING THE DAY when my husband is home and he was trying to push his way in! so i legit stepped up to him and said; YOU ARE NOT COMING IN HERE. I SAID COME BACK DURING THE DAY WHEN MY HUSBAND IS HOME OR DON'T COME BACK AT ALL. who is he trying to bust into MY house?? sheesh! and end rant LOL

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I screen phone calls and also don't like to let people in without knowing before that they plan to come over. It's so rude! The majority of my cleaning is done when I expect guests, so when they come unannounced my house is not presentable. Cut yourself bangs, that solves the problem with the baby hairs!

  7. You wouldn't even answer your door for GIRL SCOUTS?! But they have COOKIES!!!

  8. Love that you had a bag of tots dinner. Last week, I ate a can of beans for breakfast. Tomato tomaaato.

  9. Oh hi, we just met (like literally, today) but I will punch you in the face if you start smoking. Think of all the pretty things you could buy with that money!!!!!!!!!! (Well, and your health, ya know.) Additionally, I want the all black Rays if nobody else has grabbed them yet!

  10. You'd turn away Girl Scout cookies?!?!?! Hehe. Visiting from Kathy's linkup.

  11. If smoking wasn't awful, I'd do it forever and ever.

    I have baby hairs too. I hate them.