Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patty's Day Shennagians with Shannon

Happy Saint Patty's Day!  This is me hugging a teddy bear after a few cocktails back in August of 2010.   Why I was wearing shamrock sunnies indoors in August is beyond me, but hey, I thought it would work for today's post, so there.  This picture actually reminds me of this past Christmas in NJ.  I don't know what it is about my brother and sister in-laws house, but I always end up doing something wired with a giant stuffed something or other while I'm visiting.  Let's just say my snuggling the teddy bear was PG compared to what was going on with Santa over the holidays (get your heads out of the gutter).  Good thing these people are required to have me in their family by law! 

Anyways, last week I started things off on a positive note when I wrote about the things I was feeling grateful for.  It helped you guys.  My week was no less hectic than any other week lately, but somehow I didn't feel as negative and down about things as I had in past weeks.  Maybe it was a fluke, maybe not, either way I'm going to give it a go again this week.

Today I'm feeling grateful for:

Finding and hiring a replacement receptionist.  With everything I have going on at work right now, it's great to be able to check something off of my to-do list.  My new hire is picking things up really quickly and she has the best attitude.  Just what I need right now.

The fresh fruit and veggies D picked up on Friday.  I've been eating so poorly lately that my body has actually started to crave mangoes and cucumbers.  I need nutrients.

My housekeeper who keeps my house from being condemned.

The amazing support I received from you guys when I confessed to smoking again.  I'm done.

Free lunch at work today in honor of Saint Patty's.

Reaching 75 readers on Bloglovin'.  It's been tough getting posts out lately and I haven't had the time I'd like for reading blogs and getting back to all of you.  This milestone was the motivation I needed to keep going during this busy time.  THANK YOU ALL.

Now focus on the positive with me and let me know what you're grateful for right now.  Hugs friends.  XO


  1. Congrats on the milestone, that's amazing! And on the positive attitude, you go girl!
    I'm grateful for the sun peeking out, all the wonderful comments on my blogiversary, and having 3 more days off. Yay!

  2. My cleaning people are a god send!! Before you have them, you never realize what a huge load it takes off of you. Glad you have some help at home. Sounds like you've got more than enough going on at work. Hope this week is off to a fabulous start!! xo

  3. i wish i could hire someone to clean my house too. i did that once and then got so embarassed that i cleaned up before she came!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I want a housekeeper!!!! My house is a mess right now just waiting for me to put some hours in. BOO!!

  5. Hooray for free lunch!!! Oh, and that photo of you made me giggle. Looks like you were having fun!

  6. I hope starting on a positive note is just as helpful this week too!! Sending you positive thoughts! That is very encouraging to see your followers grow-Congrats! I'm grateful I have a husband to helps with the housework (so neither one has to do it all) and who enjoys cooking so I can sit on the couch and read my blogs :)

  7. I have been starting my Mondays with gratitude as well....starts the week off much nicer. My post is up on my blog ( Congrats on the milestone! I'm also grateful for fruits and veggies....I'm trying to reform my awful eating habits. I'm a week into it and feeling much better!

  8. I wish I had a cleaning person! LAWD DO I WISH I HAD A CLEANING PERSON!

  9. adorable pic!! xxo

  10. Free lunch rocks.

    I want a cleaning lady. Unfortunately, I *am* my cleaning lady. It is therapeutic for me though.

    I'm grateful for an ice maker at work and a slow time here as well.