Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Confession Mayhem

Forgive any and all typos.  I'm writing this post from the comfort of my bathtub, on my iPad, one double Moscow Mule in.  As you all know by now, I'm blind, so this is a pretty scary combination.  If you see the word smile (sle) or any other word missing a few letters at least now you'll know why.

Anyways, confession number 1 of confession mayhem.  I was going to skip this week's linkup with the lovely Kathy.  You know, I've had a long day blah, blah, blah.  I love you all so much but the thought of a tipsy night of nothingness was pretty alluring.  Obviously I couldn't bring myself to do it, this is after all my favorite linkup.  Despite the fact that things are cray around here, I miss you guys.

So yes, not let's talk about my super long day at the office.  You don't know this, because I haven't shared it with you, but I work for a multi hundred million dollar company that is moving it's corporate office into a major-league baseball park.  I've been working on this project for year now and we're less than four weeks away from moving our employees into a 1924 restored candy factory.

My jobs has been anything but typical these last few months.  Today I spent my day at a brick yard (there's something about the words brick yard I really love.  I've been using it at every opportunity. Saw it with me now...brick yard) and later at the construction site.  I am so living in a mans world right now.  I mean at every meeting I'm the only woman with a crew of 10-12 men.  It's such a strange thing.  I've kept a pair of flats in the car with me at all times these days because I never know where my job is going to take me.  If I disappear for a few days, you now know why.  You also no why I'm drinking a double Moscow Mule.

Until today I haven't written about my mom.  Still trying to figure out how I want to manage that part of my life here, but I will say that some people will never change and you either have to accept them for who they are, or you have to close that chapter in your life and move on.  I've tried and failed at both in this particular relationship.  I'm back to closing the chapter and have found myself singing Let It Go from the movie Frozen like a million times today. 

I've eaten nothing but bagels, pizza and chips today and I have the worst gas!

An old friend from the dorms who I've reconnected with over the last two years has accepted my invitation to San Francisco for a girls weekend.  The thought of this trip has had me smiling for days now.  I don't get along with most girls and I haven't had a girls weekend in 4 or 5 years so I'm playing this one out in my head: martini bars, karaoke, tattoos.  I'm obsessed with the possibilities that his weekend will hold.

D works Sundays and I absolutely cherish my quiet time alone at the house. 

I cheated on my nail girl and went elsewhere on Sunday.  It doesn't pay to cheat people, my nails look like shit.

I NEED to lose 5 lbs (or tone up, I'm not picky) before D and I go away at the end of April.  My thighs look horrible.  Why can't my extra weight go to my boobs???  Somebody help me train.  I need to hit the gym.

Ok so this wasn't really mayhem was it, but the title got you in here to read my post huh?  Hugs guys. Next up is post #100!  I honestly can't believe I'm still here, but I'm so happy I am.  Xo


  1. Hehe you're funny, love your confessions! I can't believe you wrote it all in the bathtub on your ipad, respect!
    I'm with you with the gassiness. I've been living in a carb heaven (hell?) over the last 2 weeks, and my bloated stomach is proof. Great. I'm determined (meaning, planning vaguely) to start juicing fresh veggies to get more much-needed vitamins - I'll keep you posted how that goes.
    I have yet to try a Moscow Mule, do you love it?

  2. "I've eaten nothing but bagels, pizza and chips today and I have the worst gas!" Worth the gas. WORTH THE GAS!!!!!!!!!!! I was so bloated today I feared the button of my pants was going to pop off and hit someone in the damn eye.

  3. Ahhhh I've always wanted to blog from my bath tub! Although, I know I will be in there for so long that I'll get all prune-y. I just recently started following and I love the humorous tone you have! Especially in this post. You had me laughing from the beginning.


  4. look at that collage of ryan's face! prime for humping.

    you're totally right about cheating on your person - i cheated on my hair stylist, walked out with a SHIT haircut and had to avoid my stylist until it grew out because i couldn't face her and tell her i cheated.

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  5. It's pretty good you can type on the ipad from the tub...pretty impressive! So jealous of the San Fran trip, can't wait to hear about that...tattoos...really :) Best of luck surviving the next couple of week!!

  6. Knowing my luck I'd drop my ipad in the tub! Glad you didn't. Assuming you didn't! Your job sounds super exciting especially now that I know who work for. I agree. Brick yard has a really nice ring to it. Maybe that's why I love the name of the restaurant Yard House.

  7. My stylist left the salon I used to go to and I still felt guilty going in there to get my brows waxed because I was afraid I'd see the owner!

  8. Are you guys moving to Petco Park?? I'm totally jealous if you have downtown at your disposal for lunches and happy hours. If you're going to be drinking moscow mule's, at least you'll be close to some awesome bars :) When I'm not working from home, I leave my office and have Rancho Bernardo to party in. The early bird specials are amazing LOL.

  9. As always loving your confessions :D Carbs are evil, delicious little creatures but oh so comforting and satisfying, I agree, worth the gas! Everything gives me gas anyway so!

    Hey if you aren't doing the sweetie part of lent with me you should do the squats for going away! 100 a day, I've been breaking them up into two lots and just making sure I stretch loads. And where are you guys going hunni?

    Yay about the girls weekend to San Fran! That will be super awesome and soo good for you! Can't wait to hear more about it!

    Same goes for hairdressers! I found it so hard not being able to go to my own hairdresser being away I've finally found someone I like thank god. Also cheated on my nail girl for a pedi and got an ingrown ugh serves me right.


  10. Just because someone is related to you doesn't mean they're meant to be part of your journey. Even so it's hard to find peace with that. Good luck!

    EEEEEEEE girls weekend girls weekend. I'm excited for you.

  11. I always love your honesty and confessions here, they're always raw and entertaining. I actually literally just considered working on my blog from the tub tonight.... I'm gonna need a waterproof case for my ipad to feel better about this one. Me and my mother have a ... Let's just say unusual relationship. I pretty much wrote her off until my husband kept encouraging I put forth more effort and now I tolerate her and even sometimes enjoy her company on occasion.