Monday, July 20, 2015

13 Days Closer To A Positive Mind

Well days 11 and 12 were clearly a bust but here I am back with day 13 of 21.  Lucky number 13!!!  Read about my 21 Day Challenge here

Three Gratitude's:
1.  I'm grateful for takeout.  Without it Dar and I would surely starve.

2.  I'm grateful for a sushi lunch that carried on for 5 hours, a summer picnic that turned into a mud bath, brunch with amazing friends and a rained out baseball game.  All of which made up my insanely wild weekend.  So much of the weekend was so far from perfect but it was absolutely wonderful and totally memorable #makingthebestofthings 

3.  I'm grateful that I'm in a good place and feeling mentally sound because it means that I'm able to help someone who needs it.  It's so nice not to be focused on myself for once :)

Today's Journal:
I almost feel manic things are going so well.  At the same time there is this incredible sense of calm.  I am not stressed by life's stresses.  They do not affect me.  It's the meds.  It's the meditation.  It's this challenge.  It's my effort and drive to improve my quality of life.  It's me.  I am responsible for this positive change. 

Lots of unconventional exercise but no trips to the gym lately.  I miss the gym. 

I listed to the I AM meditation that I referenced in last weeks post for an hour.  I was wondering whether I'd find it as powerful the second time around, the answer is yes.  I love meditating. 

Random Acts of Kindness:
On Saturday I hosted our company picnic aka the mud bath.  The last hour was a bit miserable, at that point we were all soaked and it started getting cold.  I told the members of the planning committee that were responsible for cleanup to hit the road and get out of the rain and I stayed to wait for the vendors to pick up tables/chairs/bounce equipment etc.  There was no sense in us all waiting around for an hour in the middle of a downpour.  They were appreciative and if truth be told I actually like the rain so it wasn't too bad.

That's it for today.  My goals for this week are more exercise and more intentional RAOK.  I hope you're all well.  Thanks so much for reading.

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