Thursday, July 30, 2015

Welcome Back To Our House!

In June I was inspired by scenes from around our house.  You guys really loved this post and I did too.  I love seeing REAL bits and pieces from people lives, especially the lives they live behind closed doors.  Today I'm welcoming you back into our home, unfiltered and upstaged.  I hope you enjoy your visit!   

In our house we fly a flag year round.  In fact we have several American flags all throughout our home.

In our house he accuses her of breaking things she doesn't like so that she can get new things.

In our house we don't have a full lenght mirror.

In our house he eats ALL the sweets before she can get to them.

In our house the hall bath is reserved for number 2, the master bath for number 1.

In our house we have one live houseplant that's always on the verge of dying.

In our house she loses her eyeglasses and tweezers daily.  He helps her find them.

In our house the thermostat war raged on for a decade.  We've called a non-verbal truce and have met in the middle at 74.  He'll still sneak in from time to time to make an adjustment, she'll do the same :)

In our house he has his TiVo (in the den) and she has hers (in their bedroom).  They look VERY different.

In our house we have bi-weekly "business meetings" to review our finances.  We think it's important that we both have 100% visibility and responsibility when it comes to our money.  We have payment cycles and we take notes in steno pads.  We never miss a meeting. 

In our house we only use a bath towel once.

In our house there is always a pile of boxes by the back door that need to be taken to recycling.  Side note, is anyone else worried about the amount of cardboard were all using given the insane amount of online shopping were doing?  A pile like this after just 5 days is kind of scary. 

In our house we she goes through a roll of paper towels almost every day.  This one was hard for him to adjust to.

In our house we don't lock internal doors.

I'd love to hear about the little idiosyncrasies that take place in your house!  Share below in the comments and please leave a link to your blog if you've opened your doors for an "in our house" post. 

I'd love to stay and chat but I'm off to Portland, OR for a long weekend with a sweet friend so this space will be quiet for awhile.  We'll be living it up drinking cocktails at Teardrop Lounge, enjoying dinner at Cabezon, coffee at Heart and a whole bunch of other great very food/cocktail centric stuff.  Full trip recap coming soon.  Here's to happy adventures.  Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I love the idea of a bi-weekly business meeting, I bet there are a lot less finance fights this way!

  2. I love these! I'm due for one. I swear I've done one before but I will have to look for it. I think I might be getting confused with a religion post I did.

    I am concerned about the amount of cardboard! I do most of my shopping online. I wish they could just drop it on the doorstep.

  3. LOL at the bathrooms! We don't discuss anything like that in my house so that idea is mortifying! (but hey, whatever works for you!) And a roll of paper towels? You must be super clean. That, and the bath towels. I wish I had your willpower but I reuse stuff because I hate laundry!