Monday, July 27, 2015

20 Days Closer To A Positive Mind

Day 19 got away from me.  When Saturday rolls around I'm usually ready for a mental break.  I shut down in a way or rather I'm not "on" like I am during the week.  I'm living life at my leisure, doing what I feel like.  I don't have to look for things to be happy about because they're all around me. 

I had lunch with Mariah today and mentioned skipping day 19.  She had a great idea, I mean I could always just go on with day 19 today.  Truth be told though I'm ready for this challenge to be over.  So here we are, skipping day 19 and moving onto day 20.  You can read about my 21 Day Challenge here

Three Gratitude's:
1.  I'm grateful to be living childfree.  I know I had that on a gratitude list a week or so ago but it's something I'm grateful for on a daily basis.  This weekend I was textbook lazy.  We're talking 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars a day.  There was no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry.  I didn't even shower until Sunday night.  No way no how could I have done that with little ones running around. 

2.  I'm grateful for Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery!!!  The fact that I can place an order and have an item show up on my front porch just a few hours later is insane to me.  In the last week I've gotten a yoga mat, shampoo/conditioner, lipstick, cat treats and sunblock in mere hours. 

3.  I'm grateful to live within 10 minutes of several beautiful beaches.  You know some people go their entire lives and never see the ocean.  I can't even imagine.   

Today's Journal:
I don't know why but this has been the hardest part of the challenge for me.  Another day another blank journal entry. 

No exercise for me since Friday :(.  I've had a bit of an injury, tendonitis in my shoulder so I'll be lying low for the next several days.  Darn you side planks.  Once the pain dies down I'll be sticking to cardio for a few weeks.

I've been sticking to my same routine and listened to my I Am meditation again.  I had Darren listen to it with me and he had to stop.  His words "this is disturbing".  Different strokes for different folks.

Random Acts of Kindness
Nada, like I said above I basically laid in bed all weekend :)

Kind of a lack luster post today but they can't all be winners.  I'll be back tomorrow with the conclusion of my challenge. 


  1. I live in Philadelphia and spent summers at the Jersey shore. It was a little longer than 5 minutes, but still pretty close! My dad grew up in Chicago and didn't see the ocean until he was an adult, and I can't imagine!

  2. I sort of feel like this IS the journal, you know? Like coming up with something separate is forced and if I was doing the challenge would feel unnecessary.

    I cannot imagine not seeing the ocean regularly.