Thursday, July 23, 2015

16 Days Closer To A Positive Mind

Day 16 of 21.  You can read all about my 21 Day Challenge here

Three Gratitude's:
1.  I'm grateful to be working with young people.  I love seeing them grow and learn new skills.  I've always looked at managing entry level positions as a bit of a pain because people are always coming and going.  Let's face it, most folks don't want to be in the mailroom forever :).  Young people are in transition.  That's what being young is all about.  Lately though I've been seeing the "pain" as more of an opportunity.  I get to give recent grads and kids in their early twenties their first corporate job experience.  That's pretty cool.  Bonus that they keep me on my toes and informed on what's "cool". 

2.  I'm grateful to have found a volunteer opportunity with an organization I believe in.  I've wanted to give my time for quite awhile now but until recently I hadn't found the right fit.  Since March I've been volunteering once a month serving dinner at a local mission.  The experience has had such a positive impact on my life.  After only 4 months I find myself wanting to do more and give more. 

3.  I'm grateful to be going to see Taylor Swift in August.  I can't wait!!!

Today's Journal:
I don't know why but I'm doing terrible with these journals.  I have lots of little bits and pieces but nothing substantial.  I'm going to focus on this part of the challenge a lot more in the next 5 days. 

I hit the gym again, this time for an hour long yoga class. 

I shouldn't have been so cocky about my meditation parlous earlier this week.  I tried meditating 3 different times yesterday and each time it was a total fail.  I just couldn't clear my mind.  I couldn't focus.  I found myself getting annoyed so 5 or so minutes in I'd just sit up and open my eyes.  I don't know what happened? 

Random Acts of Kindness
One of my co-workers was headed to the Padre/Giants game yesterday but couldn't leave until someone had stopped by the office to collect some tickets.  I wanted them to go and have fun so I told them I'd wait around for them.  Later in the evening I got the following email

" Thanks so much for getting me in the game today. Very fun day that I'd like to think I needed....appreciate ya gurl! 👍🏽". 

Being kind is especially awesome when people appreciate it.  That's it for today but I'll see you back here tomorrow.  Thanks so much for reading.

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