Monday, July 13, 2015

6 Days Closer To A Positive Mind

Day six of twenty one.  Read about my 21 Day Challenge here.  And just a side note but these posts reflect the previous day's thoughts and experiences.  I wanted to be sure I gave myself a full day to gather before writing.

Three Gratitude's:
1.  I am so grateful for uber.  Since I've stopped driving I've been using this amazing service a few times a week.  As far as I'm concerned uber is the new Netflix and cab companies are what was once Blockbuster Video.  If you haven't used uber you should definitely give them a try (assuming it's available in your area).  Here are just a few reasons I love and would recommend the service.

-You don't have to worry about some psycho kidnapping you and leaving your body somewhere it will never be found.  Uber is 100% traceable.  Before your driver picks you up you've got their name, picture, the make, model and license plate number of their car. 

-Your payment information is securing stored online so that there is never a need to hand your credit card over to a complete stranger. 

-It's easily half the cost of a cab ride.  Not to mention 100% more pleasant. 

Uber has really been a total game changer in the Kerns household, and not just for me but for Dar too.  My homebody husband has embraced a night out a lot more frequently knowing that we can easily get home from wherever we are without having to stress or break the bank.
2. H2O!  I am grateful for water.  The sea, the pool, the water running in my shower.  I love it all.  I spent a lot of time in and around water this past weekend and it was absolutely wonderful.

3. I am grateful to be living childfree.  I love that I have the time and energy to focus on myself.  It's a lifestyle choice I never regret choosing.

Today's Journal:
Dar: "I don't think the raft is made for two people"
Me: "Sure it is, hop on up"
Snuggling in the pool on a raft meant for one is nice.

I kicked butt in this department.  I headed to the gym for some hot yoga and then walked a mile to my favorite juice shop.  Back home Dar and I spent the afternoon swimming and sunbathing in the pool. Bliss, bliss, bliss.

I meditated on my own!  I got to yoga early and took that time to meditate on my mat.  It was such a nice way to start my yoga practice.  I also found a fairly descent guided meditation that I listened to later in the day.  I ended up falling asleep but I'm still counting it :).

Random Acts of Kindness:
I did the dishes.  I know you're probably thinking that's a regular everyday chore and not a RAOK but doing the dishes is a task I despise, hence it's Dar's chore.  I cook heat up food and he does the dishes.  Yesterday to give him a break I did both.  It feels good to pull a bit more of the weight around the house.  He always does so much more than I do, it's a nice change. 


  1. Glad Uber has been so helpful for you since you stopped driving. The comparison of Blockbuster Video to Netflix is perfect. I was a loyal Blockbuster customer until they could no longer keep up. I haven't used Uber a lot yet, but we did use them for an airport trip recently.

  2. This whole post rocks.

    I agree with you about water and uber and I'm glad you had a good flow with exercise and meditation.

    Go Shannon!