Saturday, July 25, 2015

18 Days Closer To A Positive Mind

Day 18, only 3 days left.  You can read about my 21 Day Challenge here

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Three Gratitude's:
1.  For no reason flowers from my sweet sister-in-law.  Definitely one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know. 

2. I am grateful to have a hair stylist who will get me in within a week even though her next appointment is for over a month. 

3.  I still mourn the loss of my sweet Poochie.  Her picture and ashes adorn the dresser in our bedroom.  It's been over a year now and not a day passes where I don't think of my girl.  Earlier this week I had a full blown crying session.  A day later I read Adrienne's post.  This poor soul just lost her sweet dog London.  I am terribly sorry for her loss but am also grateful for it because knowing that someone else has suffered in the way I have makes me feel connected.  I feel awful saying that but sometimes in life we get caught up in our own misery.  We think that we're the only one who's ever suffered from whatever were suffering from.  It's nice to know you're not alone.         

Today's Journal:
I started my day with meditation. 

It's bothering me  how powerful this I AM meditation is.  Was I not told enough that I am good enough?  I can answer that on my behalf and the answer is no.  Those positive affirmations, they haven't been coming from me. 

Realizing that...  Jesus, it makes me sick.  It feel like I'm realizing that I've had a false sense of confidence all this time.  Like I've been wearing armor. 

When I listen to this meditation session it's like I'm hearing these wonderful things about me for the first time. 

I believe them.

I know that they're true.

Why have I been hiding them?  I am loving.  I am kind.  I am loved.  I am getting better and better everyday.  I am my best possible self.  I am amazing.  I am limitless.  I am myself.     

Back to the gym for a 45 minute spin class :)

See today's journal. 

Random Acts of Kindness:
I was a empathetic listener to someone who was having a very rough morning.  I also encouraged someone to go to they gym when they didn't feel motivated to get there.  Lots of little bits and pieces like that. 

That's it for today.  I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.  Until tomorrow.  XO


  1. Ah, what a beautiful approach to life! Love the changes you're making -- I'm working on "me" too, right now :) We have only been in San Diego for four years, also -- though we are first timers. Great to discover your blog!

  2. I love your thoughts on meditation in this entry. Very powerful.