Thursday, July 16, 2015

9 Days Closer To A Positive Mind

I'm back with day 9 of 21.  If you're keeping track that means I've been blogging for 10 days straight!  That's gotta be some kind of record.  If you want you can read all about my 21 Day Challenge here.

Three Gratitude's:
1.  While meditating the other day I started to think about Reaction vs. Responses.  Reaction vs. Responses!  I wrote that twice on purpose.  For days now I've been trying to figure out why these words mean so much to me.  It's like I'm meant to discover what's behind them and once I do...  These words will change me.  Change my life.  I feel it in my blood and in every ounce of my body.  These words feel so powerful.  What's ahead scares me but it also excites me too.  I am grateful for whatever is coming. 

2.  I am grateful for medicine.  My drops and pills, they keep me seeing. 

3. I am so so so so so grateful for my brother.  He's coming to visit this weekend with his family and just knowing that I'll see them soon makes my heart happy. 

Today's Journal:
I just love it when two people who are having somewhat shitty days can come together and turn it all around.  Two negatives equal a positive I guess :)  Sometimes all it takes is the company of a friend, a little fresh air and an hour out of the office.  The next thing you know your giggling and carrying on like you haven't a care in the world.  That's magic.   


At lunch I made the 2 mile round trip trek to the mall.  Don't you just love the Lettuce Be Friends tee (under $20!!!)  So much happiness for such a small price.  I also picked up this cute black and white Kate Spade 2016 Agenda

After work I got in a bit more exercise and went to the bowling alley where I bowled two rounds.

I'm really enjoying meditating but I didn't indulge like I had in previous days .  I spent a quick 20 minutes in the evening before bed.  Rather I think the meditation put me to bed.  I'm still counting it. 

Random Acts of Kindness:
At the bowling alley I grabbed shoes for some fellow bowlers in our group.  They weren't friends or people I really even associate with.  I was just trying to be nice and do something for someone who I'm sure did not expect it.  

Goodnight my dear sweet friends.  I hope you all had a fantastic day.  Bring on Friday!!!

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  1. My visceral reactions are rarely how I respond. That's what I think of when I see those two words together. I also think of there being a breath in between them. A beat. A period where I get my shit together. LOL